People. Technology. Capacity.™

Our focus on people, technology and capacity allows J.B. Hunt to offer the best service to our customers, while creating the best jobs for our people.

We have a vision at J.B. Hunt to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. We know there are three foundations we lean on as we work toward that goal: Hiring people you trust, offering technology that empowers and maintaining the capacity to deliver.

People You Trust.

Our people are our power. Over 60 years ago, our founder, Mr. Hunt, created a company for drivers because, as a driver himself, he knew keeping them as our focus would make or break a transportation company. As the backbone of our company, the over 22,000 company drivers at J.B. Hunt are the foundation for our success. 

J.B. Hunt drivers have shown their commitment to safety through their Smith System® training and dedicated time with experienced driver trainers. We’re proud to say that many of them travel millions of miles without incident. Their safe driving affords them opportunities to be rewarded with up to $125,000 in safety bonuses and recognition incentivizing them to maintain a safety mindset.  

Drivers no longer only navigate the roads they drive but also provide top-notch customer service from white-glove home deliveries to maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. They are the faces of J.B. Hunt, trusted to keep the roads safe for your family and freight moving throughout the country. 

Technology that Empowers.

J.B. Hunt has never stopped growing, committing to being bigger, stronger and better every year. One of the main reasons for this growth is our investment in technology that has kept us among the top in the industry. 

We have equipped our trucks and trailers with some of the most advanced safety equipment on the market to help keep our drivers moving and safe on our roads. Tools like the DRIVE app allow our company drivers to communicate with management and customers, report concerns and find answers to their questions with the touch of a screen.

Capacity to Deliver.  

Not only are our drivers safe, but they are versatile. Their ability to step up to any challenge and adapt gives us the ability to offer a variety of transportation solutions that are better for our customers and even our planet.  

Employing over 22,000 company drivers and counting means we can meet our customers’ needs. Our drivers and equipment have the capability to handle unique jobs like agriculture services, lumber, grocery delivery, appliance delivery and installation and so much more.

J.B. Hunt drivers stand in front of a J.B. Hunt Dedicated trailer and day cab.

Our drivers provide the human capacity necessary to serve our customers, from our Dedicated Contract Services® division that provides specialized deliveries to a single customer to our industry-leading Intermodal division that utilizes a close relationship with railroads to move more while using less. Our commitment to deliver means we have the freight to keep our drivers moving and making money 

Our combination of talented drivers, technological advancements and company-owned equipment keeps us constantly pushing toward our mission to drive long-term value for our people, customers and shareholders.

Join a team that cares about our people, invests in technology and has the capacity to keep you and the nation’s freight moving. Fill out this short form or call a recruiter at 1-877-791-9458 today! 


  1. Very pleasant company to work for and with very good leadership

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