J.B. Hunt Million Mile Bonus

Drivers can earn up to $125,000 in safe driving bonuses through our Million Mile Award.

At J.B. Hunt, we believe our company drivers are exceptional in their professionalism, teamwork, experience and, most importantly, their commitment to safety. We believe drivers should be rewarded not only with some of the best jobs in the industry but with awards and bonuses that show our appreciation. This is especially true for our Million Mile drivers, who not only reach incredible milestones in their career but demonstrate each day the skill and accomplishment it takes to be among the best in the industry. Keep reading to find out how we roll out the red carpet for our Million Mile drivers! 

J.B. Hunt two-million-mile safe driver accepts award on stage with Greer Woodruff applauding him in the background.

What is J.B. Hunt’s Million Mile Award? 

The most prestigious award a J.B. Hunt driver can receive is the Million Mile Award. This award is presented to an elite group of drivers who have successfully driven one million or more safe miles. Since its inception, J.B. Hunt has honored more than 4,000 drivers with the Million Mile Award, and their names are permanently etched onto the Million Mile Wall at our corporate office in Lowell, Ark. to commemorate their achievement. 

Million Mile Safety Bonus 

Drivers receive a bonus for every million safe miles driven. We have awarded more than $33 million in Million Mile safety bonuses to our drivers to date, which can equal up to $125 thousand for each Million Mile driver throughout their career. 

  • One-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $5,000 
  • Two-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $10,000 
  • Three-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $20,000 
  • Four-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $40,000 
  • Five-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $50,000 

Celebrating Our Million Mile Drivers 

Since 2001, J.B. Hunt has hosted an annual event at our corporate office to honor our Million Mile drivers who reach two million or more miles. We roll out the red carpet and treat these drivers to dinners, luncheons, photoshoots and live music, celebrating together with their friends and family. A cornerstone of this event is the highly anticipated Walk of Fame, during which hundreds of our corporate office employees line the halls and stairwells of the J.B. Hunt campus with pom-poms, noisemakers and signs, ready to cheer on our Million Mile drivers as they make their way through the buildings. 

“J.B. Hunt, what they did for us here with the celebration and everything, they showed me what I had done. Then I realized ‘Ok, this is a big deal,’” said Michael, Four Million Mile Driver. “They went all out. They did not hold back with the celebration.” 

J.B. Hunt employees lined up along red carpet holding signs and pom-poms, cheering for million mile drivers during the annual Million Mile Walk of Fame.

At J.B. Hunt, we look forward to celebrating our successes together. Start your Million Mile journey and celebrate with us! Call 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to take your next step today. 


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