Driven to Succeed: Driver and Trainer Kevin

With 33 years of driving under his belt, Kevin has proven to be a skilled and safe driver and a trainer equipped to prepare the next generation of champion J.B. Hunt drivers. We caught up with Kevin to ask him what future drivers can expect of a local intermodal job with J.B. Hunt. How does… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Million Mile Safety Bonuses

Not everyone has what it takes to be a truck driver. At J.B. Hunt, our drivers make a commitment to professionalism, timeliness, expertise in their field, and most importantly, safety. We believe that our exceptional employee drivers should be rewarded not only with the best jobs in the industry but with awards and bonuses that… READ MORE

Compensation Plans for Owner Operators

J.B. Hunt offers owner operators the option to be paid in a way that works best for them. Whether an owner operator prefers payment terms based on a percentage of load revenue or based on miles driven, they will be able to choose a plan that meets their requirements. So, which plan works best for… READ MORE

Beyond the Rail: Meet Kevin

“If I wouldn’t have liked J.B. Hunt, I wouldn’t have moved countries.” Intermodal driver Kevin has been a part of the J.B. Hunt family for 25 years. While living in Canada in the early 80s, Kevin noticed seeing J.B. Hunt trucks more and more frequently. One day, a J.B. Hunt driver pulled into the warehouse… READ MORE

Goodyear Highway Hero Award Finalist

A modern-day hero works among us at J.B. Hunt. Dedicated driver Darrell has been selected as a Goodyear Highway Heroes finalist, an honor he shares with two other drivers. This year’s winner will be announced in March. The Award The Goodyear Highway Hero Award was established “to honor truck drivers who put themselves in harm’s… READ MORE

Drive Intermodal with J.B. Hunt

Intermodal at a Glance As the industry leader in intermodal, we’re proud to offer local and regional jobs that get our drivers home daily or weekly. J.B. Hunt drivers reap the rewards of a growing intermodal market and our longstanding relationships with major rail providers. Transporting containers from rail yards to customer locations, intermodal drivers… READ MORE

Motivated to Drive

“I was working in a mattress factory, sitting there eight hours, and watching the truck drivers go out in the morning and come back in the afternoon. And I was sitting there all day…I decided to get my driver’s license and do what they were doing. Going out.” With that same sense of determination, Juan… READ MORE

A Better Job. A Better Life.

A Better Job. A Better Life.   What does that mean? At J.B. Hunt, it means your driving job meets your needs – whatever they are – leading to a better home life. If it’s an intermodal run with immediate PTO accrual for your beach vacation or an OTR job that shows you the country, we believe… READ MORE

Dedicated Driving: A Day in the Life

When looking for the next move in your career, it’s helpful to have insight on what the “day-to-day” routine might look like. We took a ride with driver Toledo as he made his daily runs to learn what could be expected when driving with our Dedicated Contract Services division. How does your work day begin? … READ MORE

Toledo Delivers Inspiration

From the moment dedicated driver Toledo pulls into the account parking lot, he is smiling and waving at everyone he sees. Within minutes, he has greeted the entire office with an energetic “Good morning!” and a clap on the back. The account is bustling with drivers picking up their loads for the day, and Toledo… READ MORE

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