Meet Brian: Intermodal Truck Driver

Long after ending his shift, Intermodal driver Brian remains sitting in the driver’s lounge, chatting and helping others with their annual safety paperwork. He stayed late to welcome J.B. Hunt’s marketing team to Indianapolis, help finalize their evening plans, and to offer guidance in getting around the big city. This is what Brian is known… READ MORE

Intermodal Driver Reaches 4 Million Safe Miles

Gary’s truck driving career began with J.B. Hunt and he plans to finish it with J.B. Hunt. “I started with J.B. Hunt and that’s the only company I’ve ever driven for,” he said. “I would like to retire here.” Thirty years ago, Gary and his friend decided they’d try trucking school. “My buddy and I… READ MORE

Local Driver Moves Into Safety Management

“I still look back to those first six months of working for J.B. Hunt as really what made me realize that this is the place that I wanted to finish my career,” J.B. Hunt Area Risk Manager Tim said. When Tim first interviewed for a J.B. Hunt dedicated truck driving job in Texas in 2011,… READ MORE

Driver Takes Delivery and Installation To Next Level

Beginning his J.B. Hunt career as a temporary warehouse worker and then advancing into a delivery installation specialist, Final Mile Services® driver Quincy has become a top performer and the go-to guy at his account in Wilmer, Texas. “I’m proud of the man that I have become over the years, as far as how I… READ MORE

Driver of the Year Award Presented by Son

  At a young age, in the deserts of California, local J.B. Hunt driver Eric became captivated with truck driving. He would eventually be the only one of three sons to become a truck driver like his father. “When I was 10 years old, I went on a trip with my Dad. It was night… READ MORE

Final Mile Services® Driver Finds Pride in a Hard Day’s Work

“At the end of the day, it makes you feel good. It’s a job well done. You hook something up in somebody’s house that took a little bit of skill. You got your hands dirty doing something. It gives you a sense of pride that you’re doing something that’s not always easy,” said Final Mile… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Drivers Give New Company Drivers Advice

As numerous truck drivers make a shift in their career and join J.B. Hunt’s driving force, many are curious of what to expect – what kind of culture do they have at J.B. Hunt? How can I advance within the company? Do they care about drivers or will I only be another alpha code? We… READ MORE

Local Driver Finds Success Driving in New York

An estimated 8.5 million people live within the New York City limits, and over 600,000 people from the surrounding areas commute into the city for work. Home to the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, the busiest bridge and tunnel in the world, New York City is almost exclusively accessible by over or under… READ MORE

Final Mile Services® with Delivery Installation Specialist

“The thing I like most about this job is every day is different,” Final Mile Service (FMS) driver Darren said. As a straight truck driver, Darren’s local truck driving job isn’t a traditional trucking job – it doesn’t require a CDL or experience. J.B. Hunt offers on-the-job training for new delivery installation specialists. On a typical work day,… READ MORE

J.B. Hunt Truck Drivers Deliver School Supplies: Adopt-a-Class 2014

We are excited to share this year’s Adopt-a-Class roundup! We doubled the number of classrooms and doubled our budget, resulting in 10 classrooms across the country receiving more than $10,000 in supplies. From California to New York, teachers and students were showered with gifts and pizza parties during the months of August and September. Teachers… READ MORE

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