Intermodal Driver Reaches 4 Million Safe Miles

Gary has driven with J.B. Hunt for 30 years and has four million safe miles.

Gary’s truck driving career began with J.B. Hunt and he plans to finish it with J.B. Hunt. “I started with J.B. Hunt and that’s the only company I’ve ever driven for,” he said. “I would like to retire here.”

Thirty years ago, Gary and his friend decided they’d try trucking school. “My buddy and I were thinking about going to truck driving school,” he said. “My friend’s older brother drove, and he got us interested in driving trucks.”

Soon, he found himself learning more about J.B. Hunt and ready to join their fleet of drivers. “They had a seminar in my home town. I was looking for a job, so I went over to the seminar,” he said. “They actually hired me that day, so I came on… that’s how I got started.”

He enjoyed the hard work and the ability to move throughout J.B. Hunt’s many divisions, from over the road, to dedicated and now intermodal. “I like seeing different places, pretty much every day, and seeing different people all the time,” he said.

Throughout his 30 years as a J.B. Hunt driver, Gary’s enjoyed the stability and consistency the company has provided him and his family. “The equipment is good. We got good benefits. The pay is decent, and I get treated pretty good,” he said. “If I ever have a problem, there’s always someone who can help me and get it fixed. So, I’ve just hung around… getting million mile awards and stuff like that has kept me interested in staying with J.B.”

This past year, Gary reached four million safe miles, an achievement he will always remember. “It was a great milestone,” he said. “I never dreamed of doing four million miles, but it happened, so it was a big deal to me. I was extremely proud of myself.”

It was no easy task for the veteran driver. “When you get real close and people like to pull out on you and all kinds of things happening, but I just stay calm and patient and just continue to drive safe,” he said. “I never get in a hurry and be like, I need to hurry and get these four million, you just take one day at a time and continue to be safe.”

Gary’s continued safe driving and millions of safe miles have been recognized by J.B. Hunt with numerous safety bonuses – totaling $75,000. He’s used the extra money to purchase land, buy a pickup truck and make home improvements.

For every million miles achieved, Gary has had the opportunity to attend the Million Mile Celebration at J.B. Hunt’s corporate office in Lowell, Ark.  “It was wonderful, it was a great experience. I enjoyed everything. It’s such a great thing they do for the drivers. I really appreciated it. It was a nice banquet and whenever you go down the stairs and everybody clapping… I thought that was pretty neat,” he said.

He looks forward to returning to Arkansas to celebrate his four million miles at J.B. Hunt.“I’m excited to attend again and see some of the people I know from the past and my old managers.”

Gary offers advice to drivers who haven’t reached one million safe miles yet or are en route to reaching millions of safe miles. “Just be patient. Be safe. Do all the things you normally do. Watch out for other drivers,” he said. “Don’t get in a hurry. Don’t let anyone else dictate how to drive your truck. Do what’s safe and don’t let anyone else push you into some other situation or rushing you at a truck stop… if you are backing in, get out and look. I always get out and look.”

At the age of 56, Gary still has career goals he plans to reach. “I just want to hang in there and try to do five million… I’d like to do five million miles with J.B. Hunt,” he added.


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