Driver Takes Delivery and Installation To Next Level

Final Mile Services® driver Quincy delivers customer service and so much more.

Final Mile Services driver Quincy, standing in a warehouse smiling.

Beginning his J.B. Hunt career as a temporary warehouse worker and then advancing into a delivery installation specialist, Final Mile Services® driver Quincy has become a top performer and the go-to guy at his account in Wilmer, Texas.

“I’m proud of the man that I have become over the years, as far as how I work, how I am with my family,” Quincy said. “J.B. Hunt has helped me a lot with that. Even when I was a helper, I didn’t have that work mindset. I was coming to work for a paycheck. As I started realizing that they were a company that I could stay with, I wanted to change.”

Quincy knows what needs to be done every day and he does it with proficiency, great customer service and quality installations. He’s known to be a driver who can take care of difficult hotshot deliveries that may get missed, rescheduled or rerouted.

“Our customers love him,” said builder specialist Matt of Quincy. “Oftentimes, he finds himself in heated exchanges because he may be doing a recovery delivery for us, but Quincy keeps professionalism at the utmost importance at all times. We get nothing but customer satisfaction and great reviews from him.”

Throughout his time at J.B. Hunt, Quincy has strengthened the customer service standards that delivery installation specialists offer with every delivery, making him a role model for many of his fellow drivers. He’s also been able to travel and share his experience and knowledge with other J.B. Hunt accounts nationwide.

Quincy’s peers recently recognized him for his excellence by awarding him with Driver of the Month award for May 2017 at the annual Final Mile Services® kick-off event in Atlanta.

“It was pretty great to see him be able to walk up there and be acknowledged through his peers,” said General Manager Heather. “His wife was there, so she got to see that. She doesn’t get to come in and see how much we do appreciate Quincy, so she was able to see that we appreciate everything that he does.”

His trip to Atlanta also gave him insight on what he needs to do to advance and get to the next level in his career.

“I would like to move up,” Quincy said. “I would like to become a manager in the future, maybe a builder specialist. That’s my goal right now, to try to get to a builder specialist. From there, to management. I believe right there the sky is the limit after that.”


Listen in as Quincy talks about his work as a delivery installation specialist and his plans to move into management.


Don’t have a CDL or driving experience? No problem. Neither are required for J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services® delivery installation specialist positions. Learn more by visiting or calling 1-877-791-9458 to discuss delivery installation specialist jobs in our Final Mile Services® division. Or feel free to fill out a short form online.

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