20 Years of Million Mile Celebrations

“The core of who we are is our drivers … we are so thankful for what you all have done,” said Nick Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer and EVP This month, J.B. Hunt marked 20 years of celebrating Million Mile safe drivers in the company, as well as the first-ever five-million-mile safe driver. From our 60th… READ MORE

Truck Leasing for Owner Operators

Owning a truck driving business is a dream come true for some truck drivers. At J.B. Hunt, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to run a successful business. As an owner operator considering contracting opportunities with J.B. Hunt, you can find the equipment and freight that you need to keep your business on the road.   Keep reading to learn more about the truck leasing opportunities available to owner operators through J.B. Hunt… READ MORE

Honoring our Million Mile Drivers

Our drivers have been at the heart of our company since J.B. Hunt was founded in 1961. Mr. Hunt dreamed of creating a driver-centered company, and we work every day to uphold that legacy – this is why we are the first, and only, transportation company to hold a yearly event in celebration of our company’s million mile drivers. What is the Million Mile Celebration? Our annual Million… READ MORE

Heroes of the Road…Drivers Do It All!

Truck drivers are on the road every day delivering food, clothing, medical supplies and so much more. J.B. Hunt drivers continue to reach new achievements and show the country how amazing they are, and this year has been no exception.  The impact truck drivers have on our country is visible through their commitment to safety and their dedication to delivering the supplies that keep us moving.   In… READ MORE

Meet Rodney – J.B. Hunt Driver Trainer

Starting a new driving job is a big decision and one we don’t take lightly here at J.B. Hunt. Everyone from your managers to your fellow drivers are ready to lend a helping hand to set you up for success from day one of driving with us. J.B. Hunt driver trainers work hard to help educate… READ MORE

Back to School Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

All around the country, teachers, parents and students are preparing for a new school year. Part of that preparation includes reminding students to practice safety when walking or riding their bikes to school; however, students aren’t the only ones who need that reminder. It’s important for truck drivers and motorists alike to be more cautious than ever around schools and buses. We sat down with Wesley (Wes),… READ MORE

A Legacy of Excellence

We love our drivers at J.B. Hunt. Mr. Hunt wanted to create a driver-centered company, and we have spent the last 60 years following that vision. Because of this, his legacy has made a lasting impact on all the drivers who have kept us running for decades. Below, our amazing drivers share how Mr. Hunt’s legacy has touched their lives.  Mr. Hunt’s Vision  “I… READ MORE

Founded by a Driver for Drivers … 60 Years of J.B. Hunt

“We are dedicated to making our company an industry leader in all aspects. The vast potential of our still young company has only begun to be tapped.” – J.B. Hunt As J.B. Hunt celebrates its 60th anniversary, we are thankful for our company drivers and for all employees who have helped us arrive at this… READ MORE

How J.B. Hunt Maintains Its Fleet

J.B. Hunt is passionate about providing company drivers access to some of the latest equipment the industry has to offer. That is why our team is proactive when it comes to finding ways to help improve the driving experience through the equipment our drivers use every single day when they are on the road. From… READ MORE

Driver to Driver: Find Success as a J.B. Hunt Truck Driver

At J.B. Hunt, we believe world-class truck drivers and the heroes of the highway deserve the best driving jobs the industry has to offer. We know what benefits and values drivers hold dear – from more home time to driver appreciation and everything in between, that’s where we focus our energy. When they take dispatch… READ MORE

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