How J.B. Hunt Maintains Its Fleet

J.B. Hunt is passionate about providing company drivers access to some of the latest equipment the industry has to offer. That is why our team is proactive when it comes to finding ways to help improve the driving experience through the equipment our drivers use every single day when they are on the road. From… READ MORE

Driver to Driver: Find Success as a J.B. Hunt Truck Driver

At J.B. Hunt, we believe world-class truck drivers and the heroes of the highway deserve the best driving jobs the industry has to offer. We know what benefits and values drivers hold dear – from more home time to driver appreciation and everything in between, that’s where we focus our energy. When they take dispatch… READ MORE

The Benefits of Contracting with J.B. Hunt

Our company founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a driver; he understood the importance of following his dream, as well as the satisfaction that comes with reaping the rewards of hard work. Much like Mr. Hunt, owner operators are entrepreneurs – that’s why we’re committed to providing those that contract with us access to a variety… READ MORE

Why Drivers Choose J.B. Hunt

At J.B. Hunt we take great pride in our drivers, and we work hard to bring them the very best our company has to offer both on and off the road. As a driver himself, our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, wanted to create a company with drivers in mind, and that’s what he did. We… READ MORE

Compensation Plans for Owner Operators

J.B. Hunt has variety when it comes to compensation plans for owner operators. Whether you prefer percentage-based or mileage-based compensation, we should have an opportunity that fits your needs. No matter which contracting opportunity you choose, J.B. Hunt offers a flexible fuel surcharge paid on loaded miles in addition to compensation.   Percentage-Based Compensation  All contracting opportunities in our Truckload division have percentage-based compensation plans. Under… READ MORE

Get to Know the J.B. Hunt Experience Team

At its core, the J.B. Hunt Experience team is committed to supporting our company drivers. They plan events, work with managers and perform a variety of jobs to help improve the driver experience. Isaac, an experience analyst, said their job is simple, “The team’s mission is helping our drivers live a better life.” Our Experience… READ MORE

BIG Updates to Company Driver Benefits

The benefits of driving with J.B. Hunt just got better. Not only are we one of the largest trucking companies in the country, but J.B. Hunt is among the best when it comes to company driver benefits. In order to improve our drivers’ experience, employee drivers no longer wait 90 days for any benefit coverage to activate.  Effective April 5… READ MORE

Experience Better Management with J.B. Hunt

At J.B. Hunt, we know that time is valuable for drivers. That’s why we work hard to create an environment that supports company drivers and gets them on the road and back home on schedule. Our management teams work hard to be there when it counts, and our drivers see the difference it makes each day.  Onsite Management  One of the many things that… READ MORE

Slip Seating with J.B. Hunt

Safety is always a priority at J.B. Hunt. For our drivers, this means access to cutting-edge safety technology on our trucks, safe driving bonuses and comprehensive benefits. In addition to our safe driving efforts, we take extra care to maintain a safe and clean environment for drivers who slip seat.  We know that driving in a shared cab can present unique safety concerns for… READ MORE

Why J.B. Hunt is Your Best Driving Job

At J.B. Hunt, we strive to make each driver’s experience the best possible. For drivers who have been around a while, they know just how different it is at J.B. Hunt. From Direct to Work online orientation, to home time options and great benefits, it pays to be part of the J.B. Hunt family.  Home Time  We are proud to be able… READ MORE

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