Meet Brian: Intermodal Truck Driver

Brian has made a huge impact in his four years with J.B. Hunt.

Long after ending his shift, Intermodal driver Brian remains sitting in the driver’s lounge, chatting and helping others with their annual safety paperwork. He stayed late to welcome J.B. Hunt’s marketing team to Indianapolis, help finalize their evening plans, and to offer guidance in getting around the big city. This is what Brian is known for – helping others.

Intermodal driver Brian.

In 2014, Brian joined J.B. Hunt with the intent to find a local truck driving job that offered him more than a paycheck. He wanted to find “the right fit,” so before signing on, he stopped by the Indianapolis terminal to meet his potential coworkers, and the first driver he met was named Woody.

“I found the first J.B. Hunt driver who was walking across the lot, and man, oh man, what a good one!” Brian said. “He was such a good ambassador for J.B. Hunt!”

Woody expressed to Brian that his time at J.B. Hunt and with his managers had given him a “peace of mind”. Brian was convinced, and four years later, he continues to make a positive influence on the Indianapolis terminal.

Brian’s hardworking mindset, timely deliveries and helpful nature have made an impact on driver and customer relations, the environment at the terminal, as well as the J.B. Hunt community.

“Brian is very good with the other drivers and steps up when needed to help newer drivers learn the ropes. He does it because he is very much a team player and believes we are all on the same team,” said Regional Operations Manager Lance.

Brian is also known to be the first J.B. Hunt driver that a new customer sees when receiving a delivery.  “If there’s a new customer – one we aren’t too aware of, he gets sent over there first, so that we get off on the right foot immediately with them,” said Area Service Manager Trent.

It can be a heavy responsibility to make the first impression with an unfamiliar customer, but Brian is always up for the challenge. “I like the fact that when I go in to a business that I may be the first face they’ve ever seen with J.B. Hunt. You wear a J.B. Hunt uniform and walk in, and you can make a positive impact,” Brian added.

Brian also goes the extra mile by looking for ways to improve the terminal. He’s helped organize a flu shot clinic for drivers and their families, assisted in installing an air compressor in the maintenance shop, and came in with his wife on his day off to help clean up the yard.

The indisputable effort and dedication that Brian brings to his driving job is returned to him through managerial recognition and support, a strong living wage and the home time he requires.

“I tell my driver planner, driver manager and dispatcher, ‘I can’t wait to get home. I don’t want to leave her in the morning. I can’t wait to get home to her in the evening. Plan my day accordingly’…and they do a great job facilitating my home life, my lifestyle, and what I need in life,” Brian said. “Being happy at your job is also, I get to go home and be happy, and that’s the most important part to me.”

Intermodal driver Brian holds hands with his wife, Barbara.

Being home every day has had a positive effect on Brian’s family, especially his wife Barbara. “When he took the job with J.B. Hunt and he was going to be home every night and on the weekends, we had our life back.  I was happy. I was really happy. It’s a good company. They take care of him and us,” Barbara said.

Brian likes to credit his fellow coworkers for his positive and happy attitude on the job. “You chose me to be the featured driver, but without these guys I wouldn’t have been as successful. I wouldn’t have been as happy,” he said. “Community is what you make it.”



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  1. Great video!

  2. Great job brother! God bless you and your family.

  3. Brian, thank you for your service to our country and for being a stalwart ambassador of J.B. Hunt and that “scroll pride”!

  4. Brian deserves a standing ovation! This is what everyone should be doing, leading by example. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your family. People like you make a difference1

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