Why Our Drivers Choose J.B. Hunt 

Listen to some of our more tenured drivers on what it’s really like to drive with J.B. Hunt.

At J.B. Hunt, there are few things we take greater pride in than our drivers. We work hard to not only be one of the best companies for truck drivers but to show our drivers how much we value them. But don’t just take it from us – listen to the drivers who have been with us for decades talk about what makes J.B. Hunt driving jobs stand out among the rest. 

Keep reading to hear why J.B. Hunt is the right fit for million-mile drivers Louis, David and Salomon, whose careers with J.B. Hunt span more than 60 years combined.

Driver Support at J.B. Hunt

“I really love this company and my work … you would think after over 22 years in the military and driving for this great company almost 29 years, I would be ready to retire – but what can I say? I love the people we work with.” – Louis, Three Million Mile Safe Driver

For many drivers, our company stands out in the transportation industry because we were founded by a driver and show our drivers the credit they deserve for moving us forward through the years. Thanks to this driver-centered mindset, we have grown into an industry leader that is not only focused on our people but focused on cultivating a culture of people you trust

Louis, a driver in our Dedicated Contract Services® business unit, has driven millions of safe miles with us. To him, Mr. Hunt’s influence and the culture of support at J.B. Hunt have given him the tools he needs to not only love his job but do it to the best of his ability. 

“I think back to what I told Mr. Hunt, I told him I’m going to do the best that I can to represent you,” said Louis. “All those years on the road, any problem out there, I know somebody I can call and take care of it and get me going. That’s one of the things I like about this company. Always somebody in your corner that got your back.” 

J.B. Hunt driver Louis stands with arms crossed and smiles.
J.B. Hunt driver David stands with arms crossed and smiles.

Truck Driver Benefits

“I’ve been with this company for 23 years. I wouldn’t stay at someplace for 23 years if it wasn’t a decent place to work. And they treat you fair … I don’t have to worry about whether I’m going to get a paycheck or not. I know it’s going to be there every week. So, having stability in your life makes everything a little easier.” – David, Two Million Mile Safe Driver

In addition to support, we work hard to give our drivers the benefits they need to take care of themselves and their families, both on and off the road. Our company drivers can enjoy access to not only medical, mental health and 401(k) retirement benefits but have access to major bonus programs for safe driving. 

Safety is paramount at J.B. Hunt, and we work hard to take care of our drivers on the road and show them just how much it means to us. With our Million Mile Award, we grant bonuses to drivers each time they reach a new million-mile milestone, up to $50,000. This means that our three five-million-mile safe drivers have been awarded $125,000 in safety bonuses from Million Mile Awards alone. 

In addition to being a multi-million-mile safe driver, David is a Smith System® certified driver trainer and dedicates time to training new J.B. Hunt drivers in how to have a safe career. To him, patience is the key to success. 

“A lot of drivers ask me, ‘What can I do to excel at what I do?’ I’m like, ‘It’s all about being patient,’ said David. “You do the job, you do it right, you can move up, you can make money.” 

Opportunities for Truck Drivers

“My career, being around for about 13 years, I’ve trained over 25 to 30 drivers … I’ve done it all, been it all … This is the part that I love so much about J.B. Hunt, it’s a place where you can grow.” – Salomon, One Million Mile Safe Driver

We know that drivers are central to our growth and capacity to deliver for our customers. This is why we strive to not just keep our drivers at the forefront of everything we do but to offer plenty of career opportunities and growth at J.B. Hunt. 

For Salomon, a million-mile driver in our Final Mile Services® business unit, the opportunities for growth he has seen during his career have made all the difference for him and the drivers he works alongside. 

“We thank J.B. Hunt for this huge opportunity they have given us,” said Salomon. “Because you will not get this anywhere else, if not J.B. Hunt.” 

J.B. Hunt FMS driver leans on the cab of Final Mile Services box truck.

If you’re ready to find your driving career with J.B. Hunt, we are ready to help! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to start your journey today!

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