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Start your career with J.B. Hunt – no CDL-A required.

When it comes to searching for your perfect driving job, J.B. Hunt has options for nearly every kind of career path, including non-CDL-A driving jobs. As a Delivery Installation Specialist, drivers can enjoy exceptional variety with a blend of driving and using specialized skills and tools to install appliances and more. 

Whether you are just getting started with your driving career or already know that last mile driving jobs are what you prefer, we feel confident you can find your fit with us. Let us answer some common questions about where you can find some of the most unique career options at J.B. Hunt: our Final Mile Services® (FMS) business unit.

J.B. Hunt FMS driver stands in front of Final Mile Services box truck.

What non-CDL-A driving jobs are available?

At J.B. Hunt, there are plenty of options for drivers who are ready to start their driving career. As a Delivery Installation Specialist (DIS), drivers can start a driving career at J.B. Hunt without a Class A license. DIS drivers will drive a straight truck and work with our FMS business unit, which has our most customer-facing driving jobs. 

As a DIS driver, you’ll enjoy plenty of variety and activity – these jobs typically involve delivering and installing appliances, furniture and more to customer locations and homes. In addition, DIS drivers receive additional training on the use of specialized tools and safety equipment that they’ll use in their day-to-day work, making these jobs unlike many others at J.B. Hunt. 

Julien, a local FMS driver, has been with J.B. Hunt for more than 10 years and has years of consecutive safe driving awards. He says that the training and support he’s received from his account make his workdays more interesting. 

“I really appreciate the system … the training that they provide, the videos, the recommendations,” said Julien. “There’s a whole lot. It’s not just a ‘park where there’s no trees’ and stuff like that. This is an adventure.”

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services box truck drives down residential street.

What are the biggest benefits of last mile driving jobs with J.B. Hunt?

Some of the biggest benefits of DIS careers at J.B. Hunt are the employee benefits we have for our drivers, as well as access to exclusive driver benefits like our Million Mile bonus. DIS drivers also have paid onsite orientation at their jobsite, allowing them to receive proper safety training and hands-on experience before heading out on their own. 

In addition to company benefits, you can expect a consistent schedule with plenty of home time. In fact, most of our DIS jobs have a Monday–Friday schedule, meaning you can count on consistent time off and reliable weekly pay. 

Salomon is a one-million-mile safe driver – and driver trainer – in our FMS business unit and has been with J.B. Hunt for almost 15 years. For him, the benefits at J.B. Hunt have been a great fit for him and his family. 

“Benefits at J.B. Hunt are absolutely great. Right now, I’m championing and advising all the drivers to step up their game plans when it comes to benefit, take advantage of it,” he said. “I’ll be honest with you; money is the number one part of it. I have a very big family – family of seven – a stay-at-home wife, and I’m still supporting this family with one income.”

Two J.B. Hunt drivers stand behind a J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services box truck.

Does J.B. Hunt have entry-level truck driving jobs?

Like many driving jobs with J.B. Hunt, starting your career as a DIS driver could be just the beginning of a long driving career with us. If you’re interested in other types of driving jobs, there is plenty of opportunity for growth and variety through our Driver Transfer Portal and the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program. 

With the Driver Transfer Portal, you can access other J.B. Hunt driving jobs open across the country and find new opportunities that better fit your lifestyle or changing circumstances. 

While we do not have a CDL-A school, J.B. Hunt has opportunities for new CDL-A graduates to begin their career with us through the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program. New graduates hired into this program train with a J.B. Hunt driver trainer for six weeks, learning about our safety culture, how to run their lanes and so much more.

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