J.B. Hunt Driver Transfer Portal

Easy access to different career paths means more flexibility and stability for our truck drivers.

At J.B. Hunt, we know that life changes happen. Whether our drivers want to change driving jobs or decide to move to a different city or state, J.B. Hunt has options to help them make a smooth transition. With the J.B. Hunt Driver Transfer Portal, company drivers can search for job openings throughout the country to find the best driving careers to suit their changing needs. 

Hear from Derrick, who has been with J.B. Hunt for more than 10 years and has achieved more than one million safe miles, on how the Driver Transfer Portal helped him move his family to a different state without ever worrying about finding a new job.

Career Changes for Truck Drivers

“J.B. Hunt is like 100 jobs in one, and you never are forced to stay where you are. You always can just go online and look and see what’s free.” – Derrick 

We value our drivers at J.B. Hunt, and that means that we want to offer them the flexibility they need to navigate life changes without losing benefits, seniority or paid time off accrual. Company drivers can simply access the Driver Transfer Portal online or through the DRIVE App to browse open jobs. 

And if the perfect fit isn’t available yet, you can still be put on a waiting list for the next opening! For Derrick, the opportunities he has at J.B. Hunt are what have kept him happy for more than 10 years. 

“With J.B. Hunt, you don’t have to really go somewhere else because you can get to another account and it’s a totally different job,” he said. “But it’s still J.B. Hunt and they guarantee your benefits and your seniority – all that follows you as long as you still stay with J.B. Hunt. So that’s why I’ve been here 10 years now.”

J.B. Hunt driver walks next to J.B. Hunt day cab parked in front of his house.

Benefits of Driving with J.B. Hunt

“With J.B. Hunt, they made me feel really comfortable before I actually moved … everybody was just so supportive.” – Derrick 

We work hard to offer our employees benefits that matter, and a big part of that is offering career options and support around big changes. 

For Derrick, he and his wife found a great fit for their family using the Driver Transfer Portal and began talking to account managers to learn more before making the move to a different state. 

“Before I even made the actual transfer, my wife did everything online, and I had a chance to talk to the account managers, and they would call me and hold conversations with me,” said Derrick. “So, when I got here, it was kind of like I already knew everybody.” 

At J.B. Hunt, we know that the best driving job for you can change over time, and we want to provide options for our drivers, so they always feel like they have the best fit for their needs.

J.B. Hunt driver Derrick and his wife smile and stand next to his truck.

J.B. Hunt Driving Jobs

If you’re looking for your next career, we are ready to help you find it! We have driving jobs across the country in our intermodal, Dedicated Contract Services® and Final Mile Services® business units. 

Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out this short form to get started today!

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