J.B. Hunt Driver Transfer Portal

Search. Request. Transfer.

Things change. That’s why we created the Driver Transfer Portal.  

Whatever change you’re looking for – more home time, increased pay, a new division – search for it in the Driver Transfer Portal.  

What is the Driver Transfer Portal? 

We created the Driver Transfer Portal in 2017 for J.B. Hunt employee drivers to view J.B. Hunt driving jobs nationwide. Drivers can access the transfer portal online at DriveJBHunt.com or via the DRIVE app by logging in with their Alpha Code. 

How to Submit a Transfer 

Within the portal, drivers can sort jobs using filters including license type and zip code. On the results listing page, drivers can view job details including location, division, route, pay, home time, eligibility requirements and more. Eligibility requirements include living within the hiring radius and having the required endorsements and experience. When drivers find a job that matches their needs, they can submit a transfer request.  

Once the driver submits the transfer request, it will appear on the driver’s portal home page. Drivers can submit requests for up to three positions at a time. Please note: Drivers must complete at least 90 days in their current position to be eligible for a transfer, but drivers may submit a request in the portal on day 76 at their current position.     

After Submitting a Request 

Once a driver submits a transfer request, a Transfer Coordinator reviews the request, the driver’s eligibility, and whether the position is open for transfers. Transfer Coordinators review requests in the order they are received, so if there are multiple eligible drivers, the eligible driver to first submit a request will have priority. 

If a driver meets all the requirements, the position is open, and the driver is at the top of the request list for that job, the Transfer Coordinator may contact the driver with more information about the job. The manager of the open position may also reach out to the driver to cover additional details and answer additional questions.  

If the transfer is approved, the Transfer Coordinator will send the official transfer request to the driver’s current and future managers. The official transfer request starts the twoweeks notice and establishes the start date of the new positionTransferring drivers will keep the same J.B. Hunt anniversary and tenure, safe driving miles and benefits. 


If you’re an active J.B. Hunt driver and want to access the Driver Transfer Portal, visit DriveJBHunt.com or the DRIVE app and log in using your Alpha Code. 

Don’t currently drive with J.B. Hunt but want to learn more? Call 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form and we’ll reach out with information!  

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