J.B. Hunt Million Mile Celebration

An inside look at how we celebrate our driver superstars.

“We trust you and our customers trust you, and you keep our business moving daily. We trust you on the roads with our families – we take pride in seeing the J.B. Hunt scroll going up and down the road.” – Josh Hankins, Sr. Vice President of Safety

We take great pride in our people at J.B. Hunt, and this is especially true for our drivers and their accomplishments. Our people help make up the foundations of our company, and we are dedicated to investing in them as we continue to grow and work toward creating the most efficient transportation network in North America. The dedication and commitment to safety that we see from our drivers has always been something we are proud to celebrate, and as our company has grown along with our driving force, so has the size of our celebrations. 

One major way we show our drivers how much we appreciate their work is the J.B. Hunt Million Mile Celebration. During this event, we roll out the red carpet and invite our most elite drivers to come to our corporate headquarters for a three-day event dedicated to giving them the celebrity treatment they deserve.

What is the Million Mile Celebration?

“I hope that we have honored you in the way you deserve to be honored. I hope that we have cherished you. I want you to leave today knowing that we love you, we’re here to support you, and there is no one better that we would rather celebrate than you.” – Shelley Simpson, President

 Our Million Mile Celebration has been a yearly tradition since 2001. On average, it takes 7-10 years to reach one million safe miles, making the drivers we celebrate part of a very elite group. Since our first celebration, which was the first of its kind in our industry, we have honored more than 4,000 drivers and awarded more than $38 million in Million Mile Bonuses. While the details of this event have evolved over the years, the heart has stayed the same. 

For more than 20 years, we have invited every J.B. Hunt driver who reached two million or more safe miles over the previous year to come to our Million Mile event and experience not just a celebration, but our entire company coming together to cheer them on. In addition to a dinner party and awards luncheon, these million-mile drivers speak with our company leaders and get to see our Million Mile Wall of Fame, where the name of every J.B. Hunt million-mile driver is etched forever. But the cornerstone event is the Walk of Fame. 

During the Walk of Fame, our drivers make their way along the halls of our corporate offices, lined with people cheering and celebrating them and their families for all they have done. We look forward to this event each year, and each year our pride only grows for the drivers who all mean so much to us. 

For William, a three-million-mile driver, seeing the celebration in person was an experience unlike any other. 

“I wasn’t expecting this…I was expecting something a little more low-key. This here was off the charts,” he said. “It’s unexplainable. You cannot take this and tell someone about it. You gotta see it. Breath it. Smell it. Hear it.”

J.B. Hunt Million Mile Bonus

“We just really are honored to celebrate your accomplishments with you. And I just want to say that I hope you can feel our love and admiration for you.” – Greer Woodruff, Executive Vice President of Safety, Sustainability and Maintenance

A huge part of the recognition our million-mile drivers receive is the bonus they get for each new milestone they surpass. Combined, these bonuses can equal up to $125 thousand for each million-mile driver throughout their career.  

  • One-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $5,000  
  • Two-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $10,000  
  • Three-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $20,000  
  • Four-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $40,000  
  • Five-million-mile drivers receive a bonus of $50,000 

We are serious about both safety and truck driver appreciation, and we couldn’t be prouder of the drivers who have the distinction of being among our million-mile drivers.

Become a Million Mile Truck Driver

Are you ready to start your journey to celebrating a million mile milestone with us? We’re ready to help you find your fit! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to start your journey today.

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