Ag Transportation Driving Jobs with J.B. Hunt

Truck drivers help support our country’s farmers.

We can’t say enough how essential truck drivers are in keeping our country moving and how thankful we are for their work. This is equally true of agricultural transportation drivers, who play a crucial role in transporting some of the essential loads that help support farmers. Learn more about what it means to drive with one of our dedicated agricultural accounts!

J.B. Hunt dedicated day cab parked in a parking lot.

What is an ag driver?

Drivers within J.B. Hunt’s Ag Services transport products that support the agricultural industry, such as feed, livestock or equipment. All J.B. Hunt drivers are trained to safely transport their loads, and that’s no different for our ag truck drivers, who excel at maintaining the proper standards needed to transport ag-related loads safely.

For local driver Theron, using these skills and taking care of the loads a farm has entrusted to him gives him a sense of responsibility that he takes pride in.

“It’s one of those jobs or careers that you can get into [where] you really feel like your own boss, you know? I mean it really has that kind of feel to it,” he said. “It takes training … but as far as getting into truck driving or getting into J.B. Hunt or getting into the ag field, you know, it’s a great experience. It’s a great opportunity.”

Why is agriculture transportation important?

We know that J.B. Hunt drivers are among the best in the industry, and that is seen daily by our country’s farmers, who rely on drivers to transport the products needed to keep them running. For Theron, the stability of knowing how much depends on agriculture transport gives him peace of mind.

“They [farmers] never stop growing and we never stop having to provide food for people,” he said.

Whether it’s transporting a load from a farm or making deliveries to grocery stores, J.B. Hunt has jobs for drivers that play an important role in keeping stores and pantries stocked.

Ready to find the perfect ag transportation driving job for you? Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to get started today!

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