Our Drivers Make Up the Scroll

At J.B. Hunt, our people make us who we are, and our drivers are the cornerstone.

“That scroll is who we are. Anybody that’s got it on or is using it in any kind of presentation represents this company, and this company cares about its drivers.” – John Roberts, Chief Executive Officer

We take pride in our people at J.B. Hunt, especially when it comes to our drivers. Our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a driver, and he understood what it took to show up and deliver each day. Throughout the history of J.B. Hunt, we have worked hard to invest in our drivers and be one of the best companies to drive with. 

Mr. Hunt created our logo – the scroll – with a legacy in mind. Today, that scroll sets us apart in the industry, and that is all thanks to the people who have represented us in nearly every aspect. Our people drive us at J.B. Hunt, and that means that our company drivers can expect driver benefits and truck driver appreciation that compete with the best companies out there. 

Today, driving with J.B. Hunt means driving with the support of all the people who make up our company and make up our scroll. We believe that together with our people, our technology and our capacity to deliver, we can create the most efficient transportation network in North America.

J.B. Hunt DCS day cab and trailer drive down a road.

Driving Jobs With J.B. Hunt

“Our reputation remains strong because of the people behind the scroll. The people you trust.” – Shelley Simpson, President

J.B. Hunt is a giant in the transportation industry, and we want our company drivers to know that driving with us means that they can enjoy stability, job variety, career opportunity and safety culture. 

We have both local and regional jobs open across the country in our intermodal, Dedicated Contract Services® and Final Mile Services® business units. In addition, we have opportunities for new CDL-A graduates to get training and experience through the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program

No matter which driving career you choose at J.B. Hunt, you can count on a safety culture that prioritizes people. Barry, a regional J.B. Hunt driver, says that this is something he respects about J.B. Hunt. 

“The safety culture that J.B. Hunt presents is really important, because they want to put good people, good drivers, behind the wheel of their truck, so that’s very respectable.”

2 million mile J.B. Hunt driver walks a red carpet and gives high fives to cheering crowd.

What Are the Benefits of Driving With J.B. Hunt?

“I want them to see that scroll and understand how much this company cares about its people … how this company is always looking for a way to be better.” – Eric McGee, Executive Vice President, Highway Services

A big part of the J.B. Hunt experience is our culture of driver appreciation and our dedication to offering truck driver benefits that make a difference. Our drivers are not only eligible for complete health benefits after just 30 days, but have access to 401(k) retirement plans, mental health benefits, family planning care and so much more

When it comes to investing in our drivers, that extends to celebrating their success and their commitment to upholding our culture of safety! Our Million Mile Award is just one of the big ways we celebrate our drivers, and it has become a huge part of our culture. With up to $125,000 in safety bonuses available for each driver from this program alone, we’re serious about showing our drivers how much we care about the work they do each day. 

Brandon, a Dedicated Contract Services driver, says our culture of respect and appreciation has impacted his career. 

“J.B. Hunt, and the people that I work with … they take care of me. I feel supported, the money’s there and there’s ample money to be made,” he said. “I feel gratitude for doing the job that I do because I can tell from my peers that I’m appreciated … I’m told constantly, how valued I am.”

Drive With J.B. Hunt

We understand that choosing the right driving career is a personal decision, and we want to help make that decision an easy one! 

Take the next step and learn more about what it means to drive with a company that knows what it means to value our drivers. Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to get started today.

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