How J.B. Hunt Maintains Its Fleet

Company drivers enjoy specialized trucks and equipment when driving with J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt is passionate about providing company drivers access to some of the latest equipment the industry has to offer. That is why our team is proactive when it comes to finding ways to help improve the driving experience through the equipment our drivers use every single day when they are on the road.

From the average age of our fleet to our team of dedicated diesel technicians, we are answering some of your top questions about our fleet. Keep reading to learn more!

Does J.B. Hunt have automatic trucks for company drivers?

Truck drivers have been manually shifting gears in their trucks for decades; however, trucks with automatic transmissions continue to transform the industry. Automatic trucks offer improved fuel economy and overall performance, can help lessen the learning curve for new drivers entering the industry and more.

Most J.B. Hunt company CDL-A drivers have access to an automatic truck – as of June 2021, 98% of our fleet has transitioned to automatic transmissions.

But we have not gotten rid of manual trucks altogether! Manual transmission trucks remain in place for dedicated accounts with specialized equipment needs and routes.

How often does J.B. Hunt replace its trucks?

J.B. Hunt day cabs in a maintenance shop.

Whether driving locally or over-the-road, J.B. Hunt drivers go the distance every single day to complete their deliveries. We provide our drivers access to some of the best truck equipment the industry has to offer, and we strive to proactively update our fleet on an ongoing basis – across all divisions, the average age of our fleet is only two years old!

We aim to replace day cabs on a rotating basis every five years, and sleeper cabs every four years, so drivers can be confident that they are operating some of the best and latest equipment the industry has to offer.


How does J.B. Hunt maintain its fleet?

We have equipment maintenance teams located across the country to help maintain our fleet. Each of our diesel technicians are equipped with ongoing tools and training to help continuously grow their skillset as they work on and use our state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

Our diesel technicians are committed to safety, keeping our equipment in top working condition and helping keep our drivers safe while they are on the road. Our team also maintains detailed cleaning practices that help support drivers who slip seat.


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