5 Ways the J.B. Hunt DRIVE App Works for Our Drivers

Learn how our custom app lets drivers navigate their day at the touch of a button.

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At J.B. Hunt, we are no strangers to creating new innovations and milestones in the transportation industry. We like to keep our people and our drivers at the forefront of our company, which is why a key innovation for our drivers is our J.B. Hunt DRIVE App. 

With our DRIVE App, our company drivers can access almost anything they need in their day-to-day work, at the touch of a button. Keep reading to learn about five ways our DRIVE App delivers big benefits for our company drivers. 

How Does the J.B. Hunt DRIVE App Work? 

The goal of our DRIVE app is to give some autonomy back to our drivers and allow them to interact with their schedule, loads, safety information and more when and where they need it. Not only is it easy to send official messages to management, but drivers are able to submit referral forms, keep up-to-date with important company news on Truck Talk and view maintenance schedules. 

Five features in the J.B. Hunt DRIVE App: Safety Milestones, Load Info & Communications, Documents, Training, Referral & Truck Talk.

1. Track and compare safety milestones

Look at your safe mile counter, days since a preventable incident, and more, to track your overall safety score and compare with other drivers. With this feature, you’ll see your verified safe miles on your way to your Million Mile moment.

2. See load information and communicate with your manager

Easily view details about your schedule, loads and route information, and interact with your load as needed, with these features. If a problem arises, J.B. Hunt contact information is available in the app, meaning your manager, safety personnel and others are available at the touch of a button.

3. Upload and view important documents

With the DRIVE App, uploading photos, load documentation and other important documents is no problem. Depending on your need, you are able to view your uploads, make updates and see document requests within the app, no computer or phone calls necessary.

4. View and submit training assignments

Ongoing training is an important part of our safety culture at J.B. Hunt, even for our most tenured drivers. In the DRIVE App, we make it easy to see upcoming training dates and assignments, and to upload pertinent information.

5. Submit driver referrals and access Truck Talk

Being able to stay connected to big company announcements is something we work hard to provide for our employees, and Truck Talk is a major way for drivers to stay up-to-date. With the DRIVE App, drivers can access Truck Talk for company announcements, including monthly Driver Referral bonus rates. Company drivers have opportunities to get a bonus each month by referring drivers to J.B. Hunt, and with submissions available right in the DRIVE App, we make it as easy as possible to cash in. 

Technology to Keep You Moving 

We know that drivers are at the heart of our company, and with each innovation like our DRIVE App, we work toward giving our people technology that empowers and paving the way for the best driving careers in the industry.

Let us help you find your next career! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out this short form to get started today. 

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