J.B. Hunt Winners: Arkansas Truck Driving Championship

Meet the drivers who won prestigious awards at the Arkansas state driving competition.

We work hard at J.B. Hunt to celebrate our drivers and their accomplishments, whether that is a Million Mile Milestone or becoming a state-recognized driving champion. This year, we are proud to celebrate alongside four J.B. Hunt drivers and the rest of our family, who brought home a total of seven awards at the 2022 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship!

J.B. Hunt driver champions and CSO Craig Harper cheer with their awards.

J.B. Hunt’s Truck Driver Champions

Our J.B. Hunt family came out in force to cheer on our drivers and their families who traveled to Northwest Arkansas to compete in the state driving competition. Here’s a breakdown of our Truck Driver Champions:

J.B. Hunt: Most Spirited award

Thanks to all of our cheers and encouragement, J.B. Hunt won the Most Spirited award for the event as a whole, showcasing our incredible team spirit and support for our drivers.

Chad: 2nd  in 5-Axle Class as a Rookie

Chad placed second in a major technical category as a first-time participant in the Arkansas Truck Driving Championship, winning him the additional distinction of the Rookie title for his award!

Dale: 2nd in Straight Truck Division

Dale was the only J.B. Hunt driver to compete and place in the Straight Truck Division! Dale drives in our Final Mile Services® division and is looking forward to celebrating his first Million Mile milestone this year!

Darrell: Highest Pre-Trip Score, 3rd in Sleeper Division, Class Clown

Darrell not only placed in three separate categories, but earned the prestigious Highest Pre-Trip Score award for his safe practices and attention to detail. After driving more than two million safe miles, Darrell exemplifies the kind of safety measures we take pride in. And he clearly has fun doing it as well.

James: Highest Score on Written Exam

In a true testament to the expertise our drivers embody, James was awarded for his high score of 96% on the written exam portion of the competition.  James is our most tenured driver representing J.B. Hunt at this year’s competition, and we couldn’t be prouder of his achievements.

Celebrate With Us

Want to join us in our celebrations? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form to get started on the driving career of champions!

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