Our Drivers Know Opportunity

From specialized driving jobs to career growth, our drivers have seized the opportunities they have at J.B. Hunt.

Since 1961, our company has forged the way toward amazing opportunities for growth in the transportation industry, and our company drivers have been a key part of our success. That’s why today, we are dedicated to continuing to work on behalf of our incredible drivers to provide some of the best opportunities out there.

For J.B. Hunt drivers, we work hard to not only provide a better job, but a better life. What does opportunity look like for our drivers? Keep reading to learn what our drivers know about opportunity!

J.B. Hunt driver Carol stands next to parked J.B. Hunt Dedicated day cabs.

Truck Driver Jobs at J.B. Hunt

Drivers have all kinds of opportunities when it comes to starting a career with J.B. Hunt. Not only do we have loads of home time options, but drivers have the opportunity to specialize in our different driving jobs, including our Dedicated Contract Services® division.

From flatbed trailers to Ag Transport to high-skill lumber transport, J.B. Hunt drivers not only have great pay and home time opportunities, but the chance to be a part of the safety, integrity and culture that set us apart in the transportation industry.

Career Opportunity with the J.B. Hunt Driver Portal

J.B. Hunt Driver Marcus stands in front of his Final Mile truck and smiles.

In addition to specialized driving jobs, J.B. Hunt drivers have tons of opportunities for career changes and growth. With the DRIVE App, our company drivers can easily check on other driving jobs within J.B. Hunt and transfer positions, which can allow for even more flexibility and security while navigating life’s changes.

For J.B. Hunt driver Marcus, the Transfer Portal at J.B. Hunt made it easy for him to make the career changes he was looking for and move to North Carolina.

“I personally went from a driver up in Richmond, Virginia, transferred down here a year into my career,” he said. “And about a year after being here, I got certified as a driver trainer.”

Becoming a certified driver trainer is one of many career progression paths our drivers can take. For Marcus, talking to his manager about further career growth brought him even more opportunity.

“He showed me the DMIT position. The DMIT position, it’s the roadway to being a manager,” he said. “So going from just a regular driver to the driver trainer, up to the manager, it’s a journey, but it’s definitely possible.”

From the Driver’s Seat to the Office Chair

Our drivers’ opportunities here at J.B. Hunt are as limitless as their interests. Two examples are Quincy, a former Final Mile Services® driver, and Tim, a former Dedicated Contract Services® driver and driver trainer, are now both in office positions.

Quincy, a builder specialist manager, loves the atmosphere at J.B. Hunt and the relationships with management. “I just liked the organization, they were real. This is a tight knit group here….I used to tell people it was sort of like a big family reunion.”

Tim, a director of corporate safety, says, “I realized early on that the people at J.B. Hunt cared about their drivers and managers and were invested in their future. There has never been a day I did not feel I was welcomed, even on bad days I knew this was the place to grow in whatever role I decide to pursue….I have been blessed to work with great people that helped me develop along the way.”

Both have advice for drivers that may be interested in changing their careers, while staying at J.B. Hunt. “Be the best you can in your current role and learn as much as possible about what is required to take the next step….Work hard and be creative in your approach with whatever task you are given” says Tim. And Quincy advises, “Be patient.…Just follow the path. Do what you’re asked of and you know, do the job correctly and it’s not hard to move up.”

Find Your J.B. Hunt Opportunity

If you’re a truck driver looking for more in your driving career, J.B. Hunt could be the perfect fit. Ready to take advantage of the opportunity? We’re here to help. Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to start your journey today!

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