Our Drivers Know Distinction

From their specialized careers to outstanding awards, J.B. Hunt company drivers show us what it means to be exceptional.

At J.B. Hunt, we recognize that truck drivers who are passionate about their career paths can go on to accomplish great things. When we think about what sets J.B. Hunt company drivers apart from others, we know it’s their commitment to safety and the pride they take in a job well done. Distinction means valuing safety, integrity and the culture of support and inclusion that sets us apart in the transportation industry. From our driver trainers to Million Mile Awards, keep reading to learn how we recognize distinction at J.B. Hunt! 

Distinct Career Growth

Driver trainers at J.B. Hunt embody the professionalism, encouragement and teamwork that sets us apart. For drivers interested in taking charge of and growing in their career, becoming a driver trainer can provide an invaluable experience, as they strive to set new drivers up for success and help them become some of the best in our fleets.

J.B. Hunt driver trainer walks next to a parked intermodal day cab.

Distinct Training 

Every new J.B. Hunt driver, whether they already have experience on the road or are gaining experience through our Apprenticeship Program, will work alongside our driver trainers to learn about our safety culture, how to run their lanes successfully and so much more. Our safety culture is instilled in every J.B. Hunt driver from day one and our driver trainers help new generations of drivers within our fleets who then have opportunities to progress their careers, or even go on to be Million Mile drivers. 

Distinct Recognition 

Recognizing our drivers for the distinction they show and the accomplishments they make is a core value to us at J.B. Hunt. Here are just a few of the ways we celebrate our drivers for going above and beyond:

  • Million Mile Award: Honors J.B. Hunt drivers who have successfully reached one million or more accident-free miles. Drivers are recognized and celebrated with safe driving bonuses and the prestige of having their name forever on the Million Mile Wall at J.B. Hunt corporate headquarters.

  • Driver of the Year: J.B. Hunt leadership selects Intermodal, Dedicated or Final Mile drivers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year.

  • Bob Mack Award: A prestigious honor that is given annually to a driver in our Truckload division who demonstrates a commitment to safety and excellence. 


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