Truck Driver Careers With J.B. Hunt

Learn how our people, technology and capacity create some of the best driving careers in the industry.

At J.B. Hunt, we know what it takes to keep freight moving. Our drivers are crucial to moving us forward, keeping our country supplied and making sure our customers’ needs are met. But what does that mean for truck driver careers at J.B. Hunt? 

It means that when you drive with J.B. Hunt, you can count on people you trust, technology that empowers and the capacity to deliver. Our vision is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America, and we know that with our drivers, we can accomplish it together

Hear firsthand how our drivers experience the J.B. Hunt difference and what our people, our technology and our capacity mean for their careers!

What is it Like Driving with J.B. Hunt?

Our company has been shaped by drivers from day one, and we continue to rely on their influence to grow bigger, stronger and better together. For Billy, Del and Travis, driving with J.B. Hunt has brought them safety, opportunity and pride in their careers.

People You Trust

“J.B. Hunt has given us the opportunity in their mindset, and in yours, to make it to where family is first. With your family, they will work around you, help you … And it makes it to where you take pride in your job.” – Billy, J.B. Hunt driver

J.B. Hunt was founded by a driver, and today drivers are still a cornerstone of our company. We trust our people to work together to move all of us forward, and as a result, we have grown to be the largest intermodal and dedicated provider in the country and a leader in the transportation industry. 

For Billy, a local driver, the opportunities at J.B. Hunt have given him comfort and stability in his career. 

“There’s so many opportunities with J.B. Hunt, not just as a driver … we’ve got everything,” he said. “J.B. Hunt is not just a business. It’s a family.” 

J.B. Hunt day cab and trailer parked.
Intermodal driver Dell lays his hand on a J.B. Hunt intermodal day cab.

Technology that Empowers

“J.B. Hunt will always strive to do things for the better, especially for safety. It’s a never-ending process. It’s always going to continue evolving as things and technology evolve.” – Del, J.B. Hunt driver

We take pride in developing innovative technology that not only benefits our industry, but our drivers. 

With our DRIVE App, J.B. Hunt drivers are able to track their day with the touch of a button: 

  • View safety updates 
  • See load information 
  • Complete training 
  • And so much more! 

Using technology to improve safety standards for drivers on the road is a huge part of who we are. From day one at J.B. Hunt, our company drivers can start to take advantage of the technology we’ve developed to empower their careers. 

As a pioneer in online driver orientation, J.B. Hunt drivers can begin their careers not only from the comfort of home, but with technology designed to respect their time. For intermodal driver Del, the safety technology at J.B. Hunt gives him pride in his career. 

“Safety is something that we talk about all the time,” he said. “It’s a part of our DNA. It’s who we are. People know J.B. Hunt as gold standard for safety on the road.”

Capacity to Deliver

“That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m here … it’s such a big company with so many moving parts. I don’t have to just drive a truck.” – Travis, J.B. Hunt driver

We are always moving forward at J.B. Hunt. From surpassing 100,000 company-owned intermodal containers to brand new transload facilities, our drivers are integral to our capacity to deliver for our customers. Because of this, opportunities for growth are almost unlimited. 

Our drivers can progress to driver trainer positions, grow into safety positions, fleet management and so much more! For Travis, a local J.B. Hunt driver, the freight and career capacity at J.B. Hunt brings him stability. 

“There’s always goods that need moved. There’s always positions available,” he said. “J.B. Hunt offers so much career advancement and support, which is important to a driver working for a team.”

J.B. Hunt driver leans against a J.B. Hunt day cab. J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services® trailer in the background.

Drive with J.B. Hunt

At J.B. Hunt, our people are what drive us forward. Together with our technology and our capacity to deliver, we can’t wait to create our future together. 

Start your J.B. Hunt journey today! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to get started on what could be your best career opportunity yet.

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