J.B. Hunt Online Orientation

Learn why our online driver orientation is a game changer!

At J.B. Hunt, we are committed to developing technology that empowers our drivers and removes obstacles for them, and we start from day one on the job. For new drivers hiring with us, a major innovation we’ve made is our Direct to Work online orientation.

When we launched Direct to Work in 2018, it was the first online orientation program of its kind for truck drivers, and since then we have continued to pave the way to some of the best driving careers in the industry.

From bonus potential to shorter training periods and zero travel time, learn why our Direct to Work online orientation is a difference maker for our drivers!

J.B. Hunt driver stands in front of his house and smiles.

Does J.B. Hunt Offer Orientation Online?

More than 95% of our thousands of driving jobs across the country offer online orientation for new drivers who hire on with us. But what does that mean for you?

This means that when you choose J.B. Hunt, you have opportunities to begin your experience by getting paid to complete your orientation from the comfort of your home. With Direct to Work orientation, drivers have plenty to benefit from, including zero travel requirements and flexible time schedules.

In addition to getting paid to complete driver orientation online, new drivers even have opportunities to receive an extra bonus for completing orientation!

Direct to Work online orientation: No travel necessary, flexible schedule, pay upon completion, bonus potential, go directly to work.

J.B. Hunt Direct to Work

We strive to always improve each new piece of technology for our drivers and realize that for many, our online orientation is the first inside look at how we respect our drivers and value their time.

For Jason, an intermodal driver, the ease of completing Direct to Work made it obvious that we work hard to support our drivers.

“Online orientation was a very smooth process,” he said. “I had told my wife I couldn’t believe how friendly everybody was. And once I saw everybody face to face coming into J.B. Hunt, I realized that it’s the culture here … I think we all enjoy that atmosphere. So, the orientation went smoothly and led me right into a great start with J.B. Hunt.”

No matter what kind of driving job you’re looking for, we are confident that we can help you find your new career and help you get started off in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to get started on your next career? We’re ready to help you find your fit! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to get started today.

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