Meet Rodney – J.B. Hunt Driver Trainer

An inside look at J.B. Hunt driver trainers in our intermodal division.

Starting a new driving job is a big decision and one we don’t take lightly here at J.B. Hunt. Everyone from your managers to your fellow drivers are ready to lend a helping hand to set you up for success from day one of driving with us. J.B. Hunt driver trainers work hard to help educate new company drivers on their accounts, our safety standards and serve as mentors to help guide them through their new roles. We sat down with driver Rodney, a Smith System® certified driver trainer, to hear about his experience as a driver trainer with J.B. Hunt’s Intermodal division.

What is an Intermodal Driving Job?

Unlike our Dedicated accounts, J.B. Hunt intermodal drivers spend time in rail yards picking up containers before delivering them to customers.

“To me, it’s a unique industry because of the containers and the chassis and the movement of freight along with the rail and everything like that,” said Rodney.  “It’s totally different than just regular box vans and reefers.”

J.B. Hunt owns 100% of our 100,000 containers, which means our drivers spend less time in railyards and have more freight opportunities than ever. With our express lanes, it makes getting in the yard and back on the road a breeze.

“In the rail yard on an average time, [I’m there] anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic and if the lines are backed up,” he said

Rodney standing in front of a J.B. Hunt intermodal container.

Training with J.B. Hunt Intermodal

Rodney has been a driver with J.B. Hunt for five years. Training new J.B. Hunt drivers on the unique aspects of intermodal is at the heart of what he does.

“I really like being over here at intermodal,” said Rodney. “I like the opportunity to train and teach the new drivers the driving aspect of what we do.”

As the largest intermodal provider in North America, J.B. Hunt has intermodal driving jobs available throughout the country. Rodney said because of this, there are great opportunities at J.B. Hunt for company drivers.

“The two things that I tell new hires when they come in is that J.B. Hunt offers opportunity and stability,” he said. “Since I’ve been here, I haven’t slowed down, I don’t plan on slowing down. The opportunity is there … I was able to become a driver trainer, along with my Smith System® certification.”

Better Management at J.B. Hunt

We take pride in the great relationships we have at J.B. Hunt. From our company drivers to our management teams and our incredible J.B. Hunt Experience team, we work hard to cultivate a great environment for our employees at J.B. Hunt.

“The team that I work with upstairs … we have a good rapport … comradery with the drivers and the managers is a good one,” said Rodney. “Just like any other job, any other day, you know everyone has their bad days, but on the top of it all, I have no complaints. I love the energy that our drivers and our managers exhibit.”

We are so proud of Rodney for modeling the kind of leadership we strive for at J.B. Hunt. With trainers like him in our fleets, we are set up for success in the decades ahead.


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