Truck Driver Apprenticeships

Learn how J.B. Hunt helps shape new CDL-A graduates into safety champions.

Choosing the right company for your driving career is important for anyone, and this is especially true for new CDL-A graduates looking for training and experience. 

At J.B. Hunt, we are proud to offer training, experience, benefits and more to new drivers through our Apprenticeship Program

Whether you’re considering going to school for your Class A license or are a recent graduate, we have plenty of info about what could make J.B. Hunt a great fit for your future!

J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program graduate stands in front of J.B. Hunt cabs.

Does J.B. Hunt train truck drivers?

At J.B. Hunt, we have drivers at accounts across the country who are dedicated to training new CDL-A graduates and setting them up for a successful career with us. Apprenticeship drivers work alongside a J.B. Hunt driver trainer for six weeks, learning about our safety culture, how to run their lanes and so much more. Drivers who enter this program are considered employees from day one, which means they are eligible for the same benefits that an experienced driver would have. 

For Melinda, a local driver, getting started with the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program and working with her trainer was easy. 

“Well, I called in and they put me on that … went through some training, and here I am, a driver,” she said. “If you need more time, they give it to you … but I was happy to get in my truck and take off, and I did good.” 

For J.B. Hunt driver Teveon, the key to successfully completing our Apprenticeship Program is wanting to learn and grow as a driver. 

“You have to want to improve on your overall performance day in and day out,” he said. “Good training helped me get to where I am at today.”

Is truck driving a good career?

We believe that with J.B. Hunt training, our entry level truck driving jobs are some of the best in the industry. With account locations across the country in our Dedicated Contract Services®, Intermodal and Final Mile Services® business units, there is a lot of opportunity for new drivers interested in our Apprenticeship Program. 

In addition to benefits, reliable pay and consistent home time, drivers in the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program can take advantage of our culture and support from day one on the job. We were founded by a driver, and we are proud to support our drivers on the road and see them represent our company and our scroll. 

KC, a manager in our Corporate Driver Personnel department, says that his goal is to make sure new drivers feel the support of the company behind them from their first day. 

“I’m excited to see lives changing. I’m excited to see people coming into the trucking industry and finding a very successful career,” he said. “Our Apprenticeship Program desires to see these drivers succeed from their first mile to the millionth mile. I feel confident our program is doing that, and I believe we’ll continue to see that same success.”

J.B. Hunt driver walks toward a day cab parked in an intermodal yard.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more about the J.B. Hunt Apprenticeship Program, we’d love to tell you more. Give us a call at 833-627-1432 or fill out our short form to take the next step today!

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