Drivers Awarded $40,000 each for Million of Miles with Team Driving Job

Team truck drivers driver four million safe miles each.

team driving job
Dedicated Team drivers David and Steve

Team truck driving jobs can be a challenge, but dedicated drivers Steve and David have learned to roll with it for the past six years, recently each reaching four million safe miles. What’s the secret to their team’s success? Compromise. “You both have to agree to make compromises. Steve and I have been driving a long time, we know what it takes to get the job done,” David said.

Both began their J.B. Hunt careers in the 1990s as solo drivers and within the last decade, shifted to driving team. Why the change? The money. Since the truck doesn’t stop often, team drivers tend to run more miles and make more money. “The truck is always moving. You get paid for every mile the truck moves,” Steve said. “They told us how much we were going to make and we both said yes,” David added.

team driving job
Team drivers Steve and David with VP Tom and COO Craig Harper.

Moving from a solo to a team driving job was an adjustment for both drivers – having less space and learning to sleep while the truck is moving. “There’s only so much room in the truck,” David said. “The truck is moving while you are sleeping… You have to adjust to the regular operations of the truck while you are sleeping,” Steve said.

Along with the bigger paycheck, there’s another advantage to their dedicated team driving job – they can lean on each other for assistance and advice. “When I get tired, I can stop, pull over and ask him to start driving… If something happens out there, I’ve got someone to help me,” David said. The two have also taught each other a thing or two about trucking. “David has showed me how to chain up a truck in the snow,” Steve explained.

Spending years as a team, side by side on the road, the two have shared numerous every-day experiences, but most recently shared a rare career milestone – each reached four million safe miles and earned a $40,000 bonus check.

dedicated team driving job

To commend their big accomplishments, J.B. Hunt held a celebration for the drivers and their wives. The two-day event included a delicious dinner, a hotel stay and a limo ride to the terminal where numerous coworkers greeted them with applause, speeches, cake, awards, bonus checks and a new truck!

“They had a brand-new truck out there with the four million mile stickers on it. It looked really nice… Everybody in the building was outside there – the drivers, the mechanics, the safety people. I had no idea they were going to do all that!” David said.

“They had a great dinner, and Craig Harper showed up. We got our checks and everybody was there…It felt good. You feel special,” Steve added.

dedicated team driving job


team driving job


team driving job

With an extra $40,000 in their pockets, the drivers have already put their bonuses toward car payments, home improvements and vacations to the Gulf Coast. And thanks to his wife, David has plans to spoil himself with one gift in particular.

“My wife said, ‘You’re getting a $40,000 check, what are you going to buy for yourself? You’ve earned this.’ Well, I’ve wanted a Traeger grill. I’m going to get one. Going to get the $800 one.”

With nearly 60 years of combined experience with J.B. Hunt, the team drivers have no plans to go anywhere.  “I’ve only had three jobs my whole life. I worked for my dad when I was a teenager, I was in the military for 12 years and been with J.B. Hunt for 30,” Steve said.

“I’ve heard about other companies. They don’t impress me. I’ve got a home here… Everything I’ve got now is more or less because of J.B. Hunt. I really don’t want to leave,” David explained.

dedicated team driving job


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