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Meet Final Mile Driver Brad

“We are that final step from the retailer you order from online, to your front door and then beyond that…we’ll take one step further than a lot of logistics companies will. We’ll take it inside. We’ll unbox it for you all the way up to completely removing the old, installing the new and giving you white-glove service. A professional service.” Account Manager in Des Moines, Matt, describes the work of Final Mile Services drivers. Of these, there is one that Matt calls “kind of indispensable around here”– Final Mile driver trainer Brad.

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Driver Brad

In describing Brad’s work, Matt says, “He trains my home delivery guys, my installation specialists, my class A retail guys. He trains everybody on how to function at the job sites. Gets everything done that we need done there and schools everybody on the processes that we follow here before they go in the morning and when they get back at the end of the day.”

Versatility and Customer Service

Brad began his career with J.B. Hunt as a contracted driver helper and was quickly hired on as a Delivery Installation Specialist. Skilled at making deliveries and driving a straight truck, Brad set his sights on gaining his CDL-A. “My whole thing was to try to be more versatile. I can go help other accounts that only have semis, I wasn’t limited to just straight truck companies. I think, between that and my work effort, allowed me to move up, you know, and become…kind of in the position I’m in now where I’m kind of the go-to guy for a lot of different things.”

As J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services serves as the most customer-facing division involving a variety of drivers, adaptability is a key component to success. Brad explains that his prior work in management provides a unique perspective in his current role, “Having been a manager in the past, I know what I would want from my best employees. You know, the guys that are always willing to go above and beyond, the guys that are always there when things get tough, you know, the guys that don’t bail out when it gets frustrating.”

Brad says there’s more to his job than making a delivery, he says there’s satisfaction in providing excellent customer service. “I think for me, it’s knowing the customer is either happier when we left or at least taken care of. You know, that I’ve answered all the questions they can ask, and if I couldn’t, I knew where to go to get the answers. It’s knowing that I did a good job without damages and the customer’s happy, that’s my satisfaction. You know, whether I get back at 7:00 or 2:00, it matters very little to me – it’s whether I did my job right – that’s my satisfaction.”

Final Mile driver Brad completing an installation.

More than a Job

“I think that the best way to put it is that it’s not just a job. It’s a career. You’re not coming in here with the idea that you’re going to leave in five years. You come into the company and there’s so many opportunities here to either advance or to move within the company. Everything from just working around the warehouse to driving trucks to managing drivers. I mean, there’s so many different positions in the company. It’s hard to not find somewhere you’ll fit in here.”

At J.B. Hunt, Brad enjoys many benefits of being an employee driver. “Just having that immediate security of you know, I’m not going to be bouncing around jobs, looking for a different job as long as I do this job correctly. The job security and then having the benefits, having the 401(k), having the healthcare and everything like that. That really was a bonus, because that wasn’t something that I really ever had before.”

Family time is also an important focus for Brad. He says, “Being a local driver is a lot more…it’s more than you would think, home time, because you got weekends off more often than not. And you’re home before dinnertime most days. It’s a lot more home time than I would have guessed. I’ve got a lot of outside things that I enjoy doing. Being active and playing with the kids.”

Management Matters

Brad also calls out the impact of having positive relationships with management, saying, “I think it’s been really beneficial to have that teamwork atmosphere with your manager and with an open door policy, too. Like, ‘Hey, these are the issues that I’m facing’.”

In his own managerial role, he encourages drivers, “Every driver, no matter what you’re up against, let’s do it the best we can do it. You know, have some pride in what you do, take some excitement in what you do. Because what we do is cool.”

It’s clear that Brad takes pride in his work. Matt shares that he recently nominated Brad for driver of the month (which he won!) and this customer comment was written into the nomination: “If Brad was the only driver to ever bring my stuff ever again, at whatever time, I’d be happy.” That’s excellence in customer service.

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