3 Myths About OTR Driving Jobs

Think you know about driving OTR? Think again.

A lot of people don’t know about the multiple benefits of being an over the road truck driver.  Over the road driving offers the freedom of the open road, the opportunity to see amazing landscapes and so much more! Unfortunately, people tend to overlook the benefits and perks of going over the road and focus on the stereotypical “disadvantages,” which in themselves are myths.

3 Myths About OTR Truck Driving Jobs:

Myth 1: It’s lonely.

Some people think being an over the road driver means mile after mile of solitude, but at J.B. Hunt, over the road drivers can have passengers at no additional cost!  One example is Bo.  Bo has been an over the road driver for 26 years and has two million safe miles under his belt.  When Bo began his career, he had two young daughters who would ride along with him. Since his daughters were homeschooled, Bo used their time on the road as a teaching opportunity.

“I wanted them to come out and see the countryside. They learned how to log and how to route. I ended up teaching them everything I could about the whole United States,” said Bo.

J.B. Hunt truck driver stands next to branded truck.

J.B. Hunt Over the Road Truck Driver Bo

Myth 2: Truck driving isn’t a career.

Over the road truck driver Bruce
Over the road truck driver Bruce

When thinking of truck driving, a lot of people don’t see it as a stable, long-term career.  However, company drivers at J.B. Hunt enjoy strong pay, career path options and full benefits and full benefits for an individual or family, including a company-matched 401(k)! Bruce, an over the road driver who started with J.B. Hunt in 1994, is a perfect example of someone who has had great success in truck driving and is proud of his accomplishments.

Bruce has two million safe driving miles with J.B. Hunt.  When asked what Bruce was most proud of, he responded, “The fact that I’m about halfway through to my three million miles, maybe. I will stay at J.B. Hunt for at least three million miles.” Bruce has another incentive for striving for this great accomplishment other than personal pride; three million safe mile drivers at J.B. Hunt receive a $20,000 bonus! In fact, we recently held our 2018 Million Mile Celebration honoring 77 drivers and awarded nearly $1,000,000 in bonuses!

Myth 3: You’re just another number.

J.B. Hunt may be one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, however, we pride ourselves on maintaining a small company feel. Over the road drivers at J.B. Hunt have dedicated fleet managers and 24/7 support because we know a good relationship with your manager is essential to a successful career.

When asked about his relationship with his manager, Bruce said, “He really does care for his drivers. I really believe that.” For new drivers starting out, Bruce wanted to emphasize the necessity of communication.  “Communication, communication, communication. That’s the main key. It’s communicating with your chain of command to get things done.”


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