Supporting Automated Truck Technology That Keeps Drivers Safe

At J.B. Hunt, we believe drivers are irreplaceable and support advanced vehicle technology that increases their safety and security on the road. As driver assisted technology continues to be introduced and advanced within the trucking industry, we continue to focus on the technology that increases the safety of our company drivers and the general public.

We believe the driver is essential to supply chain accountability as well as managing unforeseen weather conditions, emergencies, vehicle conditions, providing valuable customer services and much more.

As a member of the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, we agree with their official statement regarding driver assisted and fully automated commercial vehicles:

“The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, also known as the Trucking Alliance, supports the development of advanced vehicle technologies that enable commercial drivers to utilize highly automated driving systems, enhancing their safety and security. The Trucking Alliance also supports the use of these technologies to achieve safety performance levels that rival commercial airlines and support other initiatives that focus on drivers and their safety, such as the following:

  • Supports advanced driver assisted technologies in commercial vehicles, rather than commercial vehicles that rely solely on full automation.
  • Believes that commercial drivers are an indispensable asset to the safe operation of commercial vehicles.
  • Maintains the principle that commercial drivers are necessary to improve the safety and security of the general public.
  • Believes that commercial drivers are integral to supply chain accountability, as well as managing unforeseen weather events, emergencies, detours, vehicle conditions, computer software programs, cyber security disruptions, cargo security and in providing efficient customer services.”


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