Get to Know the J.B. Hunt Experience Team

The Experience team is dedicated to listening, understanding and supporting our drivers.

At its core, the J.B. Hunt Experience team is committed to supporting our company drivers. They plan events, work with managers and perform a variety of jobs to help improve the driver experience. Isaac, an experience analyst, said their job is simple, “The team’s mission is helping our drivers live a better life.”

Our Experience team works off three main principles:

  • Listen: Develop and enhance relationships with a stronger understanding of what is being conveyed.
  • Understand: Align with the organization to recognize a common goal to realize more tremendous success.
  • Care: Offer support to impact the needs of the organization through attention and consideration.

 Truck driver experience team standing in front of J.B. Hunt corporate headquarters in Arkansas.

Experience the J.B. Hunt Difference

A big part of the team’s role includes answering when drivers call the Driver Experience number. Whether a driver needs advice, is looking for resources, has a suggestion or is celebrating a milestone, our Experience team is on the other end of the line.

“Drivers reach out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes just to check in with us! We love our drivers, and we are a great big family! They contact us when they need a voice. They contact us to let us know they bought their first house, their first motorcycle or are expecting their first child! Drivers can also call us when they have issues. We can help direct them to the right steps to get resolutions, we can also help navigate the open-door policy,” said Stacie, sr. enterprise experience manager.

J.B. Hunt company drivers can speak to the incredible members of our Experience team by calling 1-866-211-2540. They’re here to help!

Driver Feedback Matters

As a company for drivers built by a driver, we create programs to improve experiences based on direct feedback. Drivers want to be home more, and we are making sure they have access to routes that help them be home daily or weekly. Drivers want simplified orientation, and that’s why we created Direct to Work, our online orientation program that eliminates hotel stays, long days in classrooms and being away from family. Everything we do is with drivers in mind and that is the J.B. Hunt difference.

“Our team’s business is our dedication to our drivers, and we work every day to make sure that it remains a key pillar of J.B. Hunt’s culture,” said Isaac.

Come experience the difference! Call 1-877-791-9458 to speak with a recruiter about jobs open near you or pre-qualify now.

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