From the Frontlines – Feeding His Community

Dedicated driver Zach helps keep grocery shelves stocked.

It’s no secret that truck drivers have always been essential, but it’s never been more obvious than right now. From helping stores keep the shelves stocked with food and delivering medical supplies to hospitals to keeping our economy rolling – truck drivers truly are on the frontlines of this crisis.

Zach, a dedicated truck driver, delivering meat on a dolly to a grocery store in Denver.

Dedicated driver, Zach, is no exception. Zach has driven with J.B. Hunt for a year and recently switched from an intermodal job to a dedicated driving job delivering meat to grocery stores and restaurants in Denver and the surrounding area.

How has his job changed being on the frontlines during a pandemic? Zach says he just keeps on rolling. “For drivers, I don’t think much changes…it’s part of our job, regardless of if there’s a pandemic. At the end of the day our job is to, first and foremost, make sure we’re safe and keep everyone around us safe. And to serve whatever communities and cities we’re assigned to.”

One of the reasons the meat deliveries are so special to Zach is that he grew up in the very area he delivers to. “For me, it hits home, because I feel like, I grew up here, now I’m giving back,” he said.

When he walks into a store and sees the shelves stocked with meat for his neighbors, it fills him with pride, because he knows his deliveries played a part in getting it there. “There’s a grocer right next to where I live right now that I deliver to. Sometimes we go and buy there and it’s rewarding for me to see all that meat there and know that I’m the one that delivered it.”

When was the last time you thought about how items in the stores and food at your favorite restaurants get there? Zach says, when people don’t have to think about their items not being available, it means he and drivers like him are doing their jobs correctly.

Drivers do not do the important work they do for praise, but they deserve all the praise in the world, whether it’s during a pandemic or not. Without drivers, America would stop. Zach, humble as ever, feels the reward is being able to work in the community that raised him and help keep his neighbors fed. “I get to help these people that I’ve grown up around…for me, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, honestly. This is perfect for me,” he said.

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