Driver to Driver: Find Success as a J.B. Hunt Truck Driver

Get a first-hand look into the reasons nearly 20,000 company drivers are choosing to drive like champions with J.B. Hunt.

At J.B. Hunt, we believe world-class truck drivers and the heroes of the highway deserve the best driving jobs the industry has to offer. We know what benefits and values drivers hold dear – from more home time to driver appreciation and everything in between, that’s where we focus our energy.

When they take dispatch with us, drivers are finding a better job and better life; but don’t take our word for it! Hear what our drivers have to say about their experience driving with J.B. Hunt.

Two truck drivers walking in an Intermodal yard talking to each other.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Who do you drive for? Your family! That’s why home time is one of the driving forces behind picking the right job in the trucking industry. Over 90 percent of J.B. Hunt drivers get home daily and weekly. They don’t have to choose between advancing their career and experiencing the important milestones in their family’s lives.

“My favorite part is the fact that I can do what I love, driving, and still have a life at home. Everyone works to help drivers make the most money possible while respecting the fact that I have a family at home that I love.” – John, Regional Dedicated Driver, Texas.

“I heard that they are a very great company initially, but when I joined on board with the team it offered so much more. I found that they are very flexible. I am a mother that has children, and I needed that flexibility.” – Nya, Local Intermodal Driver, Texas.

“You get good home time. When you are home, you get to enjoy things you like. It makes a difference. It’s a pleasure, getting up, going to work because you know you aren’t going to be out on the road, and you know you’re coming back home.” – Joseph, Regional Dedicated Driver, North Carolina.

Experience the Difference

From the first call with our recruiters to your first day on the job, our team is committed to providing drivers an excellent experience – that’s the J.B. Hunt difference. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated driving job or the stability we offer, our focus on safety and work-life balance means drivers understand their time and opinions are valued. We even have a dedicated Driver Experience team whose sole job is to listen to drivers, provide support and celebrate their successes alongside them.

“One of the most important aspects was being able to provide for my family and now put my children through college. Over the past 12 years, all the managers I’ve had have always gone above and beyond to give me the best opportunities with J.B. Hunt. I really can’t say enough about what this company has done for me and my family … I truly see myself retiring from J.B. Hunt after a long and fulfilling career.” – Misraim, Final Mile Class A Local Driver, California.

“I was thinking about retiring in 2021, but now I am not so sure, even after over 3 million safe driving miles. I really love this company … You would think after over 22 years in the military and driving for this great company for almost 29 years, I would be ready to retire, but what can I say? I love the people we work with and all the good things I have come to love in our family here.” – Louis, Regional Dedicated Driver, Tennessee.

Reap the Benefits

Our drivers have access to a variety of benefits including medical insurance options, a company-matched 401(k), paid time off, advancement opportunities and so much more. Our medical benefits continue to get even better – new company drivers are now eligible for medical coverage after just 30 days of employment. Drivers can also get right to work with our Direct to Work online orientation program which helps drivers complete orientation online, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

“I can personally attest to J.B. Hunt’s support to their drivers that are veterans. I have retired and can live comfortably, completely debt-free due to the great 401(k) plan!” – Daniel, Retired J.B. Hunt Driver.

“The advantage of J.B. Hunt is there is a variety of accounts, ramps and jobs … There are endless opportunities to shine within J.B. Hunt.” – Mark, Regional Dedicated Driver, Arizona.

“There’s so much local work, there are so many different aspects and driving jobs with this company that you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else.” – Jodi, Local Intermodal Driver, Pennsylvania.

More Than an Alpha Code

We see you, drivers. You are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, caregivers, friends, and coworkers. You are a driver, but you are so much more than that. We make it our mission to never forget the driver behind the wheel. Close relationships with management, a family atmosphere, and driver appreciation events are just a few of the ways we work toward achieving the goal of making every single driver feel their value and worth.

“I’m not just a number. Folks working in the office actually know me by my name, and they treat me like family, which is very important!” – Doug, Dedicated Over the Road Driver, South Carolina.

“They don’t just know you as a truck number or alpha code, people actually know you by your name. – Reese, Local Intermodal Driver, Texas.

“We are not just a company. We are a family! This company recognizes our drivers. I have worked for other companies in the past and you’re just a number, and once you join this company you know you are appreciated!” – Hector, Local Dedicated Driver, California.

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