Intermodal Driving Jobs: In their own words

Five J.B. Hunt drivers share an inside perspective on driving intermodal.

“I’m home safe and sound every day.” This may sound like a dream to many truck drivers but this is reality for J.B. Hunt Intermodal driver Patricia. Going to see her grandkids each weekend is only one of the perks she enjoys while driving her local intermodal route. And another perk? Patricia knows her schedule well enough to stop and do some fishing on her way home each day.

Patricia’s story opens a window into the big picture of J.B. Hunt intermodal driving jobs. Local and regional routes allow drivers to be home and maintain a consistent schedule, and drivers work closely with managers to provide excellence in service and communication.

Local intermodal driver Brian finds a sense of enthusiasm to start the work day while driving with J.B. Hunt. In his own words, “I come home, I sleep, and I come straight back to work because I’m excited to get back to work every day.” Brian also feels that he is acknowledged for the hard work he puts in. “At other companies, people may work for years without seeing awards; at J.B. Hunt I was recognized as employee of the month on my sixth month!”

For Julia, an intermodal driver from Haslet, Texas, it’s all about the family feel. She recalls times when needs were met after meeting with management as well as seeing new technologies come into play. After nine years with J.B. Hunt she says, “We care about each other, it keeps me coming back- invested. I feel like I’m heard and that I’m cared about.”

After almost 15 years and over one million miles driven with J.B. Hunt, intermodal driver Taka appreciates that, “even in the slow seasons, J.B. Hunt provides me with something to do.” His local CDL job means Taka doesn’t miss a beat playing competitive table tennis on his days off.

Olanjuwon waited several years before deciding to give J.B. Hunt a try. He says, “I finally got with J.B. Hunt and they turned out to be the best company for me. I’ve never been treated this well with any other company, they treat you like family.” When asked what advice he might give a prospective intermodal driver, what was Olanjuwon’s reply? “Don’t think twice about coming to J.B. Hunt.”

Train transporting J.B. Hunt intermodal freight.

Whether you’re looking for local or regional routes, genuine care, or company benefits, our intermodal driving jobs provide an opportunity to reach your goals and enjoy the ride there! If you’re interested in learning more about our intermodal driving jobs, click here and fill out a short form or call one of our recruiters at 1-866-384-7130.

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