A Legacy of Excellence

Following Mr. Hunt’s vision and celebrating its success.

We love our drivers at J.B. Hunt. Mr. Hunt wanted to create a driver-centered company, and we have spent the last 60 years following that vision. Because of this, his legacy has made a lasting impact on all the drivers who have kept us running for decades. Below, our amazing drivers share how Mr. Hunt’s legacy has touched their lives. 

Mr. Hunt shakes hands with three J.B. Hunt drivers standing in front of two J.B. Hunt trucks.Mr. Hunt’s Vision 

“I can talk to everyone, the driver, mechanic, guy hitchhiking or a corporate CEO.” – J.B. Hunt 

Debra, a local intermodal driver, has been with J.B. Hunt for 25 years. She said that Mr. Hunt was a joy to see when she visited J.B. Hunt’s corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark. 

“Mr. Hunt was so down to earth,” said Debra. “He looked just like a regular person – he always wore a cowboy hat and drove a pickup … He loved his drivers; he did not play favorites … Mr. Hunt was an awesome man; you can’t find people like that nowadays.” 

Mr. Hunt’s influence was built into the foundation of our company. Andrea, a regional truckload driver, said that is still evident in the way J.B. Hunt cares for its drivers. 

“Mr. J.B. Hunt himself built his company from the ground up with love and respect for drivers, and it still shows today,” said Andrea. 

Founded by a Driver, For Drivers 

For retired local intermodal driver Ben, Mr. Hunt’s commitment and experience as a driver was inspiring and drove him to give each day 100%. 

“I didn’t do it my way. I did it Mr. Hunt’s way and that is the way to do it,” said Ben. “Thank you, Mr. Hunt, for 24 fantastic years. I tried to do it your way, and I’ll encourage anybody else to do it your way because it works.” 

Mr. Hunt worked as an over the road driver for years and knew how important frequent home timegood management and great benefits are to drivers. Today, we still work hard to make sure we honor Mr. Hunt’s vision of being a driver-centered company. 

60 Years of Excellence

“We’ve passed the curve, now we’re ahead of the pack.” – J.B. Hunt 

During J.B. Hunt’s 60th anniversary celebration, we are celebrating the drivers who have delivered excellence every day for six decades. Together, we look forward to the next milestone. 


Interested in being part of J.B. Hunt’s next 60 years? Call us today at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to join our legacy! 

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