Why Drivers Choose J.B. Hunt

A trucking company founded by a driver, for drivers.

At J.B. Hunt we take great pride in our drivers, and we work hard to bring them the very best our company has to offer both on and off the road. As a driver himself, our founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, wanted to create a company with drivers in mind, and that’s what he did.

We haven’t forgotten our roots and strive to carry on that legacy by offering some of the best driving jobs and benefits in the industry. With opportunities for daily home time, competitive benefits and great management, learn more about why drivers continue to choose J.B. Hunt.

Great Management at J.B. Hunt

To Dedicated driver Marq, the environment at J.B. Hunt is the perfect fit for him.

J.B. Hunt driver stands in front of a tractor and trailer.

“I’m proud to work with J.B. Hunt because of the environment, the relationships between drivers and managers, and the relationship between driver and driver,” said Marq. “My relationship with my drivers, we help each other out … I think it’s important to have a good relationship with your fellow coworkers because you don’t want any strife.”

Reese, a local intermodal driver with J.B. Hunt, said the accessibility of management is a game-changer for him.

“It’s an open-door policy that you can walk in, talk to anybody you need to at the time, so I love the atmosphere,” he said.

We are a family at J.B. Hunt. For Nya, a certified Smith System driver trainer, the family environment is something she loves.

“I heard that [J.B. Hunt was] a very great company initially, but when I joined on board with the team, it offered so much more,” said Nya. “They care about what you have going on not just at the job, but at home, and J.B. Hunt just makes sure that you feel comfortable here.”

Opportunities For More Home Time

Providing a variety of home time options that work for our drivers’ unique situations is important to us. J.B. Hunt has more than 700 account and office locations across the country, and currently, more than 90% of our drivers are home daily or weekly. This made J.B. Hunt the perfect fit for Dedicated driver Lance.

“Me and my 17-year-old daughter, we coach my eight-year-old’s soccer team. I got another one that plays baseball. So, I get to help out with practice there, go back to work, and then we get back in on Fridays and we do practice again,” he said. “Weekends, it’s the kids’ sports and whatever else we got going on.”

Driver Safety On and Off the Road

We are dedicated to safety at J.B. Hunt, and we care about our drivers’ success.

“Other companies just kind of treat you just like a driver and all they care about is their freight, as opposed to J.B. Hunt, they care about their drivers,” said Nya.

For Taka, the safety culture at J.B. Hunt and flexible management are important.

“J.B. Hunt has a really good health and safety culture, so you are the captain of the ship. So, if you feel uncomfortable, if you feel tired or anything related to safety, just talk to your manager and they will help you out.”

There has never been a better time to join the J.B. Hunt family. Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form to get started!

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