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J.B. Hunt has made great strides within the transportation industry by using innovative technology along with our incredible company drivers. Our DRIVE app for smart phones and tablets is no exception. The DRIVE app provides essential load information and tools for timely communication between our company drivers and J.B. Hunt.  

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J.B. Hunt two-million-mile safe driver Dexter finds the app to streamline his load information. “It’s a time saver,” said Dexter. “I get the load information quicker. I do three or four loads in a day and I get the pickup numbers. I don’t have to wait and can continue with my day. If dispatch changes, I get information much quicker.” 

Local DCS driver John says he can conveniently communicate with dispatch both inside and outside of the truck by using the DRIVE app. “I need to keep trucking, and if I can’t reach you by phone, I can send a message with the app,” said JohnIf I’m not in the truck and in a warehouse, I can send a free form from my phoneWith the app, we can all communicate better.” 

List of DRIVE APP features for company drivers.

DRIVE App Safety: 

As an added safety feature, the DRIVE app is disabled when the vehicle is moving more than 5 mph, discouraging distracted drivingTake note that only J.B. Hunt company drivers or owner operators contracted with J.B. Hunt can log into the app. 


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