The Advantages of Contracting with J.B. Hunt

Owner operators enjoy big perks when contracting with an industry leader.

Our company founder, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, was a driver; he understood the importance of following his dream, as well as the satisfaction that comes with reaping the rewards of hard work. Much like Mr. Hunt, owner operators are entrepreneurs – that’s why we’re committed to providing those that contract with us access to a variety of competitive advantages.

While contracting with J.B. Hunt, owner operators experience no forced dispatch, roadside assistance, eligibility for voluntary third-party health programs and discounts on fuel, insurance and service work. With one of the largest freight bases in the country, J.B. Hunt can keep you moving.

Below, we are answering some of the most common questions owner operators have about how contracting with J.B. Hunt is beneficial to their business. Keep reading to learn more!

What type of fuel discounts does J.B. Hunt offer owner operators?

In addition to a fuel surcharge, owner operators who contract with J.B. Hunt can save up to $0.50 per gallon off the diesel pump price at major truck stop chains.*

For owner operator, Daron, these fuel savings make a difference.

“… [T]he one thing that seems to hold true is that not all percentages are created equal,” he said. “You know, for instance … J.B. Hunt’s [compensation] plus a fuel surcharge actually ends up paying more it seems like than some other companies.”

What type of tire discounts does J.B. Hunt offer owner operators?

J.B. Hunt facilitates discounts on Goodyear tires to help owner operators manage some of the maintenance costs for their trucks. By using the J.B. Hunt DRIVE App, owner operators can take advantage of a discount of up to 35% off Goodyear tire purchases. Simply navigate to the Goodyear Tire Discount option in the DRIVE app to fill out an application to show proof of contract with J.B. Hunt!

Screenshot of J.B. Hunt's DRIVE app with the words "search, select, book."

Does J.B. Hunt provide insurance for owner operators?

Insurance is a necessity in life, especially for truck drivers. J.B. Hunt provides access to both voluntary third-party health programs and major perks on more insurance for your business.

J.B. Hunt works with a variety of insurance providers to provide owner operators access to insurance rates for non-trucking liability, occupational accident and physical damage that are among some the lowest in the industry.

Voluntary third-party health programs for owner operators include medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage, as well as additional coverage options! J.B. Hunt makes it easy to enroll in these third-party options by giving you the option to choose to have the premiums deducted from your pay weekly.

Does J.B. Hunt offer driver referral incentives?

Owner operators can participate in J.B. Hunt’s Driver Referral Program, which allows them to receive an incentive payment when their referred driver contracts or hires on with J.B. Hunt. With new referral opportunities each month, owner operators could make thousands of dollars every year in driver referrals.

There has never been a better time to contract with J.B. Hunt. Give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out this short form to get started today!


* Fuel savings can vary based on location and market conditions.

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