Owner Operator Compensation

Learn how contracting with J.B. Hunt can help you achieve your financial goals.

Having your business revenue match up with your lifestyle needs and preferences is a major consideration for many owner operator truck drivers. When you contract with J.B. Hunt, you can find options that work for you and your business. 

Whether you prefer to be compensated by the mile or receive a percentage of load revenue, J.B. Hunt’s compensation plans for owner operators provide options that let you build your business the way you want.

Owner operator contracted with J.B. Hunt leans on her truck and smiles.

How does percentage compensation work for truck drivers?

Owner operators who contract with J.B. Hunt’s Highway Services business unit book their loads using our load board and receive a percentage of the revenue collected for each load they carry. 

Under percentage-based payment terms, owner operators are paid a percentage of the revenue received for each load delivered and 100% pass-through of the shipper’s fuel surcharges. 

For Sharleen, an owner operator who contracts with Highway Services, the percentage-based compensation and fuel surcharge benefit her financially. 

“I wanted to contract with J.B. Hunt because … I just like the percentage,” she said. “The financial part about it is much better than other companies.”

How does per mile compensation work for truck drivers?

Owner operators contracting with J.B. Hunt Intermodal enjoy a set rate per mile, both loaded and unloaded. J.B. Hunt is not only one of the leading transportation providers in the country – we also have the largest company-owned intermodal fleet in North America. 

For Tomas, an owner operator who provides services to J.B. Hunt Intermodal, he has been able to keep moving and stay profitable. 

“They’re great to work with and the pay rate is good,” he said. “And that’s about it. Everybody I work with in the office … they help me a lot.”

Tomas, and owner operator contracted with J.B. Hunt, stands in front of his truck and smiles.

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No matter which business unit you prefer to contract with, J.B. Hunt has loads of freight and plenty of discounts to help you set your business up for success. 
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