Compensation Plans for Owner Operators

Choose between mileage-based or percentage-based compensation plans.

J.B. Hunt has variety when it comes to compensation plans for owner operators. Whether you prefer percentage-based or mileage-based compensation, we should have an opportunity that fits your needs. No matter which contracting opportunity you choose, J.B. Hunt offers a flexible fuel surcharge paid on loaded miles in addition to compensation.

How Does J.B. Hunt Compensate Owner Operators on a Percentage-Based Plan?

All contracting opportunities in our Truckload division have percentage-based compensation plans. Under percentage-based payment terms, owner operators are paid a percentage of the revenue for each load hauled and 100 percent pass-through of shipper’s fuel surcharges. 

Under these terms, the amounts paid to owner operators are derived from the freight’s market rate. Percentage-based compensation allows owner operators to benefit from market rate increases and maximize their profits. In addition, the freedom of using the J.B. Hunt DRIVE app makes choosing your loads easier than ever. 

For Truckload contractor Daron, this is the best choice for him. 

“J.B. Hunt’s [percentage] plus a fuel surcharge actually ends up paying more it seems like than some other companies,” said Daron. 

How Does J.B. Hunt Compensate Owner Operators on a Mileage-Based Plan?

Contracting opportunities in our Intermodal division have mileage-based compensation plansWith mileage-based compensation, owner operators are paid a defined amount of cents per mile for each load they haul, both loaded and unloaded. 

When you contract with J.B. Hunt, you can be confident that you are contracting with a company that knows what it takes to keep you moving. 

Choose a contracting opportunity that fits your lifestyle. Give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out this short form to get started today! 

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