Truck Leasing for Owner Operators

J.B. Hunt’s agreements with third-party providers means more opportunities for owner operators.

Owning a truck driving business is a dream come true for some truck drivers. At J.B. Hunt, we understand the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to run a successful business. As an owner operator considering contracting opportunities with J.B. Hunt, you can find the equipment and freight that you need to keep your business on the road.  

Keep reading to learn more about the truck leasing opportunities available to owner operators through J.B. Hunt and the advantages of contracting with us! 

How Can Owner Operators Lease Trucks?

One of the biggest hurdles to getting started as an owner operator is finding and leasing equipment needed for your business. J.B. Hunt has arrangements with numerous third-party equipment providers, which can help owner operators lease or buy the trucking equipment that best fits their unique needs.  

“Coming to J.B. Hunt to get into third-party leasing programs is a great advantage,” explained Ashley, a senior manager in J.B. Hunt’s Truckload division.  

Whether you’re looking for a used truck with lower payments or if you want a brand-new truck, J.B. Hunt’s agreements with these leasing companies means a wide-ranging portfolio of truck options for you to choose from. Finding a truck that can best fit your business needs has never been easier.  

Convenience is also key when looking for the right equipment provider.   

“The providers [J.B. Hunt] currently works with offer closing locations all across the United States, which is a key consideration for many owner operators,” said Ashley.

White truck and trailer siting in parking lot.

How Does J.B. Hunt Onboard New Owner Operators?

Once you complete the lease purchase process with one of these third-party providers, you’re ready to finalize your J.B. Hunt contracting opportunity with either our Truckload or Intermodal divisions.  

Our recruitment team will guide you through the onboarding process, which generally includes: 

  • Background verification 
  • Drug screen 
  • Driver orientation 

Our team is ready to help you set yourself up for success from day one on the road. 

What are the Perks of Becoming an Owner Operator with J.B. Hunt?

As an owner operator contracting with J.B. Hunt, you’ll have access to a variety of perks to help support your business, such as: 

  • Eligibility for voluntary third-party health programs 
  • Fuel discounts 
  • Goodyear® tire discounts  
  • Roadside assistance discounts through®  
  • Access to discounted truck insurance rates
  • SiriusXM® offers subscription radio discounts  

Contracting with J.B. Hunt not only gives owner operators the opportunity to save money but also the peace of mind knowing that you are contracting with an industry leader. 

In Their Own Words

Learn how contracting with J.B. Hunt has made a positive impact on Michael, Kayla and Cedrick – three owner operators who are contracting with us.

To learn more about truck leasing opportunities, give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out this short form to speak with a recruiter today. 

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