Honoring our Million Mile Drivers

At J.B. Hunt, we look forward to celebrating our drivers at this event each year.

Our drivers have been at the heart of our company since J.B. Hunt was founded in 1961. Mr. Hunt dreamed of creating a driver-centered company, and we work every day to uphold that legacy – this is why we are the first, and only, transportation company to hold a yearly event in celebration of our company’s million mile drivers.

What is the Million Mile Celebration?

Our annual Million Mile Celebration has been a J.B. Hunt tradition since 2001, where we celebrate our company drivers who have reached one million accident-free miles – it takes an estimated 10 years to reach one million miles. At this year’s celebration, we will be honoring 81 drivers who have reached this milestone. 

The Million Mile Award is a prestigious accomplishment that we commemorate at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark., where we give our drivers the hero-treatment they deserve! 

Smiling truck driver, Terry, a 2-million-mile driver is quoted saying: “When you see the line of people that we had to go through, and all of them were thanking me ... it was one of the best moments of my life.”

Million Mile Safety Bonus 

J.B. Hunt offers company drivers a million-mile safe driver bonus in recognition of their accomplishments. J.B. Hunt drivers can earn up to 125 thousand dollars from million mile bonuses alone throughout their driving career. Our drivers are our superstars, and we want to show how important they are. 

Million Mile Walk of Fame 

When our million mile drivers arrive at J.B. Hunt headquarters for the Walk of Fame, they are greeted with cheers, balloons, pom-poms and the heartfelt thanks of our corporate employees. We look forward to this event each year and are excited to celebrate with our incredible drivers. 


Join the J.B. Hunt family and celebrate your next million miles with us! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to get started today. 

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