20 Years of Million Mile Celebrations

J.B. Hunt rolls out the red carpet for its drivers.

“The core of who we are is our drivers … we are so thankful for what you all have done,” said Nick Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer and EVP

This month, J.B. Hunt marked 20 years of celebrating Million Mile safe drivers in the company, as well as the first-ever five-million-mile safe driver. From our 60th anniversary to honoring our drivers who reached their million-mile milestone, we have had a full year of celebrating the success and legacy of incredible J.B. Hunt drivers. Keep reading and take a look back at this year’s Million Mile celebration with us.

Million mile driver walks the red carpet through J.B. Hunt's headquarters.

Million Mile Moment

This year, we celebrated 71 million-mile safe drivers over two weeks. These drivers reached at least two million safe miles, with many having reached three, four and even five million throughout their careers.

These accomplishments are staggering, and we are thrilled to have been able to honor our drivers in the way they deserve.

Dinners, live music, dancing and photoshoots are only a taste of what happened during the celebrations, held at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark. For Dedicated driver Michael, it brought home just how big his accomplishments are.

“J.B. Hunt, what they did for us here with the celebration and everything, they showed me what I had done. Then I realized ‘Ok, this is a big deal,’” said Michael. “They went all out. They did not hold back with the celebration.”

Million mile drivers hugs EVP Craig Harper during the Million Mile Walk of Fame.

Five Million Milestone

This year we were able to celebrate Phil, our first-ever five-million-mile safe driver. Phil has driven with J.B. Hunt since 1984 and has earned 33 safe driving awards during that time. To Phil, reaching this milestone comes from constant dedication to safety – being proud of a job well done takes a backseat to ensure the safety of others on the road.

“I don’t know if pride is the word that I would use,” said Phil. “I think it’s more of just being satisfied in the effort that I put into it every day.”

After being forced to postpone our Million Mile celebration in 2020, we couldn’t wait to celebrate Phil.

5 million mile driver Phil stands with his award.

Honoring Our Million Mile Drivers

“You’re not alone in this job. We’re on the same wave-path, that means we’re family,” said Michael, a four-million-mile driver.

On the final day of celebrations, our Million Mile drivers walk the halls of J.B. Hunt’s corporate campus as staff line up to cheer them on and congratulate them for their accomplishments. After the walk, drivers were treated to an awards luncheon where they were honored for reaching this career milestone.

3 million mile driver celebrating on stage with his award.

As they all departed our corporate campus for dinner with their families and leadership teams, we can’t help but remember how much it means to have such talented and dedicated drivers choose to drive with J.B. Hunt.

As our Chief Sustainability Officer and EVP, Craig Harper, said at the end of the event, our drivers are our family, “I think what [our] drivers saw this week, and what we’d like all drivers to know, is that here at J.B. Hunt, you’re not an alpha code, you’re not a truck number. We see you as people.”


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