How J.B. Hunt Owner Operators Can Save on Fuel

With our fuel perks and discounts, you can save big on business expenses.

Running your own business as an owner operator comes with a lot of expenses, fuel being one of the largest to affect your bottom line. Fuel discounts for owner operators can play a major role in saving money on your operating expenses. 

From a fuel surcharge to weekly fuel reimbursements, learn why contracting with J.B. Hunt could be a major advantage for your business! 

Owner operator fuels his truck.

J.B. Hunt Owner Operators Save Big on Fuel 

In 2021, J.B. Hunt owner operators saved more than $5 million on fuel expenses company-wide. Charles, an owner operator contracted with Highway Services, says these fuel savings put cash right back into his pocket. 

“The fuel discount is excellent,” he said. “The availability of fuel places are enormous, but if you stay in the network, you really get the big discounts, and you really put that cash back in your pocket. That improves my bottom line immensely. With the amount of fuel that I’m saving, it’s a big bottom line at the end of the year.” 

This is how to save on fuel:

Step 1: Flexible fuel surcharge paid on loaded miles

Step 2: 100% pass down of fuel surcharge

Step 3: Up to $0.50 per gallon off the diesel pump price

Start Saving Today

As an owner operator, you make decisions that impact your business each day. Contract with J.B. Hunt and let saving on fuel be an easy one. 

Give us a call at 1-866-384-7130 or fill out our short form to explore owner operator contracting opportunities for your business. 

Fuel savings can vary based on location and market conditions. 

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