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From intermodal to box truck driving jobs and everything in between, we have jobs that will work for you.

So, you’re looking for your forever driving job, but you just don’t know which job is the best fit for you. That’s where we come in! Our driver recruiters make it their mission to find a J.B. Hunt driving job that fits your home time, job type and pay expectations.

We’ve outlined our wide variety of job opportunities below. Do you prefer working with a single customer? Try Dedicated. Don’t have Class A experience? We have jobs for you in our Final Mile Services® division. We value the work of all truck drivers and strive to create the best working environment for them; having a variety of job types helps us accomplish that goal.

Find Your Fit, Intermodal, Dedicated, Final Mile, or Truckload. You deserve a job that works for you!

Intermodal Driving Jobs

What is Intermodal?

Our drivers reap the benefits of driving with the industry’s leading Intermodal division and our longstanding relationship with major rail providers. Transporting containers from rail yards to customer locations, intermodal drivers experience a more traditional driving job while shippers benefit from a quicker and more cost-effective, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly mode of freight transportation.  We are the only transportation company with 100% company-owned containers and chassis.  Our fleet includes 100,000 53’ containers and 81,600 chassis, making it the largest company-owned fleet in North America.

Is this my fit?

These jobs are your perfect fit if you value flexibility in your work. Intermodal driving jobs operate 24/7 leaving drivers with freedom and power to choose a schedule that works for them. The consistency in freight and familiar routes allow drivers to get the most out of their workday. 80% of our intermodal freight is no-touch. J.B. Hunt drivers have access to private express gates, which reduces wait time and allows drivers to get more out of their day.

What do intermodal drivers have to say?

“There’s so much local work. There are so many different aspects and driving jobs with this company that you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else.” – Jodi

J.B. Hunt Intermodal.

Dedicated Driving Jobs

What is Dedicated?

Our Dedicated Contract Services® (DCS) accounts each serve a single customer, allowing drivers access to familiar routes, customers and work duties. We operate more than 9,700 trucks, making J.B. Hunt one of the largest dedicated providers in the United States.

Is this my fit?

If you are a driver that likes to stick close to home, make relationships with customers, learn a variety of skills and have access to onsite management, our dedicated jobs may be for you. Serving a single customer allows dedicated drivers account-specific training and gives them the opportunity to do more than just drive a truck. Drivers get to operate a variety of equipment–from operating forklifts to driving flatbed trailers, there is never a dull moment. In these jobs, our average haul lengths are 157 miles, getting DCS drivers home to the ones they love.

What do dedicated drivers have to say?

When asked about his favorite part of his job, dedicated driver, John said, “Too many to mention. The most notable is the flexible schedule, brand new equipment, great pay, great coworkers and supervisors, probably the best company I’ve worked for.”

J.B. Hunt Dedicated Driver leaning on his truck.

Think you’ve found your fit? Give our recruiters a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out this short form to have someone reach out to you directly. Still looking for your match? We have something for you. Just keep scrolling!

Final Mile Services Driving Jobs

What is Final Mile Services?

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services® (FMS) delivery driving jobs are different than your normal truck driving jobs. These jobs are unique because drivers have responsibilities like top-notch customer service and installation of large items such as appliances, furniture and fitness equipment. This means less sitting behind a wheel and more hands-on technical work and providing customers with a comfortable and memorable visit.

Is this my fit?

A distinction in our FMS division is that we have opportunities for both Class A and non-CDL holders. With paid training, our Delivery Installation Specialist jobs are perfect for drivers without traditional truck driving experience, as they involve making deliveries in a box truck and installing items like appliances and workout equipment. These jobs revolve around our customers’ needs, so our FMS drivers can expect a traditional schedule that gets them home daily and with weekend time off. Drivers can stretch their customer service muscles, spend more time at home and stay active.

What do our drivers have to say?

“If you’re looking to come off the road and be home every night, every weekend and don’t mind a little physical work, this is the place to be.” – Michael

“I have learned good customer service, and I have learned how to become a better driver because of J.B. Hunt.” – Quincy

Final Mile driver Brad completing an installation.

Truckload Driving Jobs

What is Truckload?

If you are a Truckload driver, you will be following in the footsteps of our founder, J.B. Hunt, who was an over the road (“OTR”) driver. These jobs are what you think of when you think of a traditional trucking job, driving traditional long-haul routes across the country. However, gone are the days of drivers not seeing their family for months at a time, and we are happy to say that the majority of our OTR drivers get home every two weeks.

Is this my fit?

Along with the opportunity to see the beauty of our country, J.B. Hunt Truckload drivers can enjoy competitive pay and strong miles. Truckload drivers can plan to run smoothly with primarily no-touch freight, pre-planned loads and 24/7 support from their dedicated fleet managers. We know that being on the road can be taxing, so we are happy to have our drivers bring part of home with them out on the open road with our free rider program and pet policy.

What do truckload drivers have to say?

Driver Rodney loves his over the road driving job because, “Truckload is like an adventure every day.”

J.B. Hunt truck driving down the highway.

You work hard at your job, let your job work for you! We want to help you find your perfect match. Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or visit to chat with a recruiter, and they will match you with a job that fits you!

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