Drive With People You Trust 

Hear from our drivers about what it’s like to drive with a company founded by a driver.

For more than 60 years, drivers have been a cornerstone of our company. We were founded by a driver, and today our drivers are the people we trust to help us in our vision to create the most efficient transportation network in North America. 

What does this mean for driving careers at J.B. Hunt? 

It means that just as we trust our drivers to be among the best in the industry, you can count on J.B. Hunt to support our drivers, recognize their accomplishments and celebrate our successes together! 

From Million Mile Award recipients to driver trainers, management and more, learn about what it’s like to drive with people you trust at J.B. Hunt. 

How Does J.B. Hunt Appreciate Drivers? 

We believe that our drivers are best in class at whatever they put their minds to, and we look forward to every opportunity to celebrate together. In addition to various safety and tenure awards our drivers can receive, we are able to honor our drivers at four key events during the year. 

With annual Million Mile celebration and Driver of the Year awards, truck driving championships and month-long Truck Driver Appreciation celebrations at accounts across the country, we work hard to not only tell our drivers what they mean to us, but to show them whenever we can. 

Michael, a Dedicated Contract Services® driver with more than 4 million safe miles, said that being honored for his milestone at our corporate campus celebration was an event he will never forget. 

“J.B. Hunt, what they did for us here with the celebration and everything, they showed me what I had done. Then I realized ‘Ok, this is a big deal,’” he said. “They went all out. They did not hold back with the celebration.”

Driver Support at J.B. Hunt

In addition to celebrating hard work, we strive to support our drivers however we can. Driver trainers like Rodney and Mario work with our drivers every day and are instrumental in not only account-specific training and onboarding, but in teaching drivers in our Apprenticeship Program the value and importance of safe driving. 

From account management to fellow drivers, we are proud of the trust and readiness to help that we see each day. Salomon, a Final Mile Services® driver with more than 1 million safe miles, says that knowing his management teams are there to support him is one of his favorite aspects of his J.B. Hunt career. 

“My favorite part of being a Final Mile [Services] driver is, my job is always recognized by the management team,” he said. “They always make my voice heard.”

Start Your Career

Our drivers have reached 5 million mile milestones, have been recognized in Washington, D.C. for their incredible work and have won national awards for their integrity, all while helping us grow as a leader in the transportation industry. 

We have seen firsthand the difference it makes having people your trust on your team, and we believe you can find that in driving careers with J.B. Hunt! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to discover your next career.

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