Drive Dedicated with J.B. Hunt

Everything you need to know about the largest dedicated provider in the United States.

What is DCS?

Our Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) accounts each serve a single customer, allowing drivers access to familiar routes, customers and work duties. We operate more than 12,000 trucks in nearly 700 account locations, making J.B. Hunt the largest dedicated provider in the United States. With over four million loads moved last year, we have freight to keep dedicated drivers moving.


Why choose DCS?

J.B. Hunt’s dedicated division offers drivers a unique experience because they can do more than just drive. Depending on the account, dedicated drivers perform duties like operating forklifts and pallet jacks to complete deliveries. Further, driving dedicated offers a variety of equipment including flatbed, reefer, doubles and traditional van trailers.

With the average haul length of 164 miles, DCS jobs allow almost all drivers to be home daily or weekly. We take pride in getting our employee drivers home to the ones they love, and our dedicated local and regional jobs make that happen.

One thing that makes this division truly stand out is the onsite management drivers enjoy. The account-specific training drivers receive means that unique safety concerns and specific customer requests can be learned from those who know it best and practiced daily. Consistent customers and routes, local and regional job options and the ability to use skills beyond just driving are a few reasons why drivers choose dedicated driving jobs.

Does a DCS job sound like the perfect job for you? Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 to speak with a recruiter or fill out our pre-qual form to have a recruiter reach out with details!

What do drivers say about DCS?

Our dedicated division provides drivers with unique opportunities that other driving jobs don’t offer. Delivering to a consistent customer allows relationships to be made between drivers and their accounts, while also allowing drivers to become skilled in customer relations.

On his relationship with his customers, dedicated driver Corleone said, “One thing that motivates me to want to make this account stronger, and I do believe that it will be stronger, is job security.” He explained further, “I try to remember that we are on a dedicated contract here to this customer, and they are providing us with the opportunity.”

“Every day is different with dedicated. You gotta be versatile, multidimensional,” DCS driver Toledo said. DCS drivers maintain familiarity with their routes and customers, while also stretching their skill set to work with different kinds of equipment.

With dedicated jobs, you will find a consistent schedule, familiar customers and routes, onsite management and skill development.

Want to know more about dedicated driving jobs in your area? Go ahead and call us at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form to have a recruiter reach out with details!

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