Slip Seating with J.B. Hunt

Your guide to slip seating safety measures at J.B. Hunt.

Safety is always a priority at J.B. Hunt. For our drivers, this means access to cutting-edge safety technology on our trucks, safe driving bonuses and comprehensive benefits. In addition to our safe driving efforts, we take extra care to maintain a safe and clean environment for drivers who slip seat. 

We know that driving in a shared cab can present unique safety concerns for drivers, especially during a pandemicTo answer commonly asked questions, our vice president of equipment and properties, Derek Kennemer, has provided some information about our truck cleaning practices at J.B. Hunt.

J.B. Hunt day cabs parked in a parking lot.

Cleaning Practices 

In addition to more specialized cleaning equipment for slip seating cabsall of our driversincluding those who slip seathave access to personal protective equipment. 

“All locations also have ample supplies of PPE such as masks, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and gloves to provide to our drivers as needed,” said Kennemer. 

For the specialized cleaning of slip seating cabs, J.B. Hunt uses pneumatic foggers to thoroughly sanitize all equipment. 

“All of our shop locations are equipped with pneumatic foggers to sanitize equipment as needed. For smaller satellite locations, we also have a manual pump fogger available,” said Kennemer. 

Sleeper Cabs 

J.B. Hunt takes further measures for drivers in sleeper cabs. In addition to the PPE provided to drivers and cab sanitization using pneumatic foggers, special care is given to shared mattresses. 

“For sleeper trucks, each time a new driver is assigned, the mattress cover is replaced,” said Kennemer.  

Safety Culture 

We have worked diligently to create a culture of safety at J.B. Hunt, and are proud of the commitment of all our drivers and management teams to uphold our safety efforts. 

Are you ready to experience the safety and reliability that drivers enjoy at J.B. Hunt Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our pre-qual form to get started on your new driving career! 

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