Our Drivers Know Stability

Our drivers tell us what makes J.B. Hunt a stable career for them.

Job stability and a reliable workplace are highly desirable aspects for the majority of working Americans, and that includes truck drivers. At J.B. Hunt, we recognize how important it is for us to step up and show our drivers that when they drive with us, they can rely on our company as much as we rely on them. As a company founded by a driver, we understand just how crucial our drivers are to our continued growth and success within the industry.

So what do our drivers think about their careers at J.B. Hunt? Keep reading to hear firsthand what stability feels like for J.B. Hunt drivers and why we think we have some of the best jobs for truck drivers!

Becoming a J.B. Hunt Truck Driver

Choosing the right company is a big decision, and we work hard to give drivers the information they need to make the best decision for them. For Terry, a local driver, hearing about J.B. Hunt from other drivers made him decide this was the right company for him.

“I was at another job thinking about truck driving. And this job allowed me to talk to several of the drivers from all these different companies,” Terry said. “J.B. Hunt had more trucks, more trailers than any of the other companies.”

After hearing good things about J.B. Hunt and taking the leap, Terry says that the stability and growth he’s seen at the company have kept him busy.

“I figured that if I took a chance and came here to J.B. Hunt, I probably would have a better opportunity for growth,” he said. “Better opportunity if things on the market weren’t going well … and I haven’t been wrong.  J.B. Hunt has more customers than any of the other ones that I looked into.”

Is Truck Driving a Stable Career?

Since 1961, J.B. Hunt has grown from five trucks and seven trailers to the largest intermodal and dedicated provider in the country. Our vision is to create the most efficient transportation network in North America, all with drivers at our heart.

For Ronnie, a regional dedicated driver, our longevity as a company and opportunities for growth are what made him choose J.B. Hunt.

“The fact that they’re nationwide all over, so if I did move, I can just transfer to a different location, stuff like that. And just that they’re so flexible,” Ronnie said. “They’ve been around for a long time, and there’s so many different options and ways to go with the company, different accounts that you can go in … you have so much opportunity. Opportunity is unlimited.”

J.B. Hunt dedicated driver stands and smiles in front of a J.B. Hunt DCS trailer.

Founded By a Driver, For Drivers

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt founded this company with drivers as a cornerstone, and we always work to live up to their legacy. Pat, a dedicated driver, says that the respect he’s seen in his nine years with the company is a testament to that legacy.

“Best part about being a J.B. Hunt driver is that I can come to work and I know if I have an issue, I can tell somebody and they’re going to listen,” he said. “I’m respected. I respect them. They respect me. And it’s a great relationship that you can build with these guys.”

We never stop moving at J.B. Hunt, and our capacity to deliver is all thanks to our amazing drivers. With accounts and freight across the country, we believe that we not only have some of the best jobs for truck drivers, but some of the best opportunities for your career.

If you’re ready for a career you can depend on, we’re ready to help you find it! Give us a call 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to take the next step toward driving with an industry leader.

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