J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services® Jobs

Final Mile Services® offers truck drivers a mix of delivery driving and customer service.

J.B. Hunt Final Mile Services® (FMS) delivery driving jobs are unlike most conventional trucking jobs. Of course, safety is a top priority, but the main focus is top-notch customer service and knowledgeable installation of large items such as appliances, furniture and fitness equipment. In a nutshell, there’s less sitting behind a wheel and more hands-on technical work and providing customers with a comfortable and memorable visit. These local CDL jobs also typically offer you a delivery schedule within business hours, so you can get home to your family every evening. Read on to learn more about our rewarding FMS local driving jobs!

No Installation Experience? No problem.

Maybe you have at least three months of CDL-A driving experience but have never installed appliances or other equipment? Not to worry! J.B. Hunt gives you the tools to succeed. First, you’ll attend a paid four-day FMS orientation where you’ll learn about our safe driving methods, review customer service and installation practices and visit builder sites, all to give you a better idea of what Final Mile Services® is all about.

Next, you’ll have four to six weeks of paid installation training at your account and work beside a delivery installation specialist trainer. Typically, you’ll deliver to customers’ homes, builder sites or a retail warehouse. You’ll work beside your trainer and learn how to properly unload the trailer and carry, unbox, assemble and install the appliances or other items such as furniture, fitness equipment and beds. Once you feel confident in your training, you’ll be assigned your own day of deliveries.

What’s a Typical Day for a Final Mile Services® CDL-A Driver?

Typically, FMS drivers arrive at their account in the morning hours, perform a pre-trip safety check on their tractor trailer or straight truck and assist in loading items into the trailer. They’ll make sure they have their tools and any additional equipment necessary, grab their delivery schedule for the day and hit the road.

The driver arrives at the builder site, business or an individual’s home and engages with the customer, answering any of their questions or concerns about the product and installation process. After laying down protective covering on the floor, the driver and a helper will unload the products and carry them into the home, unbox, assemble and install. They’ll fill out the necessary paperwork and make sure the customer is happy with the work performed. The driver moves on to their next delivery and repeats the process.

Delivery Installation Specialists unload Final Mile Services truck for home delivery.

Advantages of Working with Final Mile Services®

Consistent Schedule:
Because deliveries usually take place during business hours, most FMS drivers enjoy a Monday – Friday schedule with weekend time off. Having a reliable schedule allows you to plan time for family and any activities outside the truck.

Pay and Benefits:
FMS drivers enjoy competitive pay and comprehensive health benefit offerings including medical, dental and vision, as well as life insurance. You’ll also start accruing paid time off from day one and have the option to contribute to a company matched 401(k) savings plan.

Career Advancement Opportunities:
If you demonstrate great customer service, safety and productivity as an FMS driver, more opportunities may come your way. Many drivers move into positions within Final Mile Services® safety and operations or become a builder specialist. Our safety team ensures that employees are safely performing their jobs, our operations team helps manage the daily operational tasks of existing business and builder specialists prepare job sites for installation and oversee projects.


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