J.B. Hunt Drivers Deliver School Supplies

Marking a decade of our drivers enriching education within communities!

For 10 years, J.B. Hunt drivers have been driving education for their communities through our Adopt-a-Class program. Since its start in 2013, J.B. Hunt drivers have championed education by nominating classrooms and directly impacting classroom donations. 

Keep reading to learn how our drivers have delivered for children and their communities through J.B. Hunt’s Adopt-a-Class program. 

J.B. Hunt driver delivers box of classroom donations to his daughter's school.

What is the Main Purpose of the Adopt-a-Class Program?

The mission behind our Adopt-a-Class program has always been to empower our drivers to direct our company giving back into their communities by donating to local schools. Over the last 10 years, our company drivers have facilitated the delivery of $238,250 in school supplies to 255 classrooms across the country. 

Through this program, our company drivers can directly impact education in their local communities by nominating their child’s or grandchild’s classroom for school supply donations from J.B. Hunt.  

With a winning nomination, drivers also have the chance to personally deliver the donation to their classroom and be a part of delivering the thousands of dollars J.B. Hunt donates to schools every year.

Why Our Drivers Donate to Schools

Craig Harper, chief sustainability officer at J.B. Hunt, spearheaded our Adopt-a-Class program more than 10 years ago and is a staunch supporter of our drivers and everything they do for our country. For him, the stories from our drivers remind us how important truck drivers are for our day-to-day lives, especially during these special school deliveries. 

“When you talk to specific drivers about their experience, you can see them getting very emotional,” said Harper. “And you can see the pride come out in them for the work that they do each and every day, but then really about what they did on that one day.” 

William, a local Dedicated Contract Services® driver, won his classroom nomination this year and got to visit his daughter’s classroom to deliver supplies and thank her teacher, Mrs. Moore. 

“When I saw Ms. Moore, I got real excited, because I saw the look on her face when I came in with the box,” said William. “And then I looked at all the kids and they were all happy to see me and I know they wanted to know what was inside the box.” 

For William, the simple joy of delivering much-needed supplies to schools brings a smile to his face. 

“It makes you feel happy seeing their faces, how happy they are,” he said. “They’re kids, so every time you see a kid smile, it makes you want to smile too.” 

J.B. Hunt’s Adopt-a-Class program is something we look forward to each year, and with nominations from across the country, our drivers are able to make an impact through our company, no matter where they are.

Start Driving Education

If you want to drive for a company that gives back to your local community, give us a call! Chat with us at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to learn more today.

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