J.B. Hunt’s 22nd Annual Million Mile Celebration

Take an inside look at the celebrity treatment our drivers deserve!

“I’m really, really proud to work with a company that was founded by a driver. I think that Mr. Hunt’s legacy today still causes us to put our people out front and keep us thinking about them.” – Brandon Sarchet, VP of Operations

At J.B. Hunt, few things give us more joy than celebrating the monumental achievements of our drivers. Our most anticipated driver event each year is our Million Mile Celebration, where we invite all our drivers who have reached two million or more safe miles to celebrate at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark.

Keep reading to learn about this big celebration, the bigger bonuses and the drivers who make it all worthwhile!

Million Mile Driver Award

This year, we honored 84 drivers who reached two million or more safe miles in 2022 with a special award, a safety bonus and an invitation to a three-day celebration. This year, we paid more than $1.2 million in safety bonus payouts for these drivers alone!

In addition to a dinner party with live music and dancing for our drivers and their families, we honored their exceptional achievements with our cornerstone event: The Walk of Fame. Drivers walk along the halls of our corporate offices, lined with people cheering and celebrating them and their families for all they have done.

After their Walk of Fame, our drivers were treated to an awards luncheon and special remarks from J.B. Hunt leadership about how exceptional these drivers truly are. J.B. Hunt’s president, Shelley Simpson, says that drivers are a cornerstone of our company as the people we trust.

“Every single driver that’s here, you are our mentor, you’re who we honor today and every single day,” she said. “We use a term of ‘People You Trust’ … for those of you who are here – friends, family and our drivers – you know what that means. And I will tell you we trust you. We don’t just trust you, we know that you are the face and the heartbeat of our company.”

2 million mile J.B. Hunt driver walks a red carpet and gives high fives to cheering crowd.
J.B. Hunt's first-ever Final Mile 2 million mile safe driver holds up his award on stage as crowd applauds.

Our Million Mile Drivers

We always think our drivers are exceptional, and this year we are proud to have hosted 8 four-million-mile drivers and 13 three-million-mile drivers, as well as Michael, J.B. Hunt’s first-ever two-million-mile driver in our Final Mile Services® business unit.

For Paul, a two-million-mile driver, the experience from this event and the Walk of Fame is something he won’t be able to forget.

“It was pretty exciting seeing all those people that support me, and knowing they work behind the scenes and how grateful they are for what I do,” he said. “And so, I feel really good to see that … it’s going to be a memorable thing.”

Five Million Safe Miles

We are especially proud to honor our second driver to reach five million safe driving miles. We celebrated Tony, a regional intermodal driver, in October at a surprise event at his intermodal ramp in Texas. It was a joy to host Tony and his family at our Million Mile event and celebrate his achievement together!

Since Tony’s achievement a few months ago, we have gone on to celebrate Chuck, an intermodal driver in Missouri, who also hit five million miles of safe driving. We look forward to celebrating Chuck at our Million Mile Celebration next year.

Along with Phil, our first driver to hit this rare milestone, we are honored to have been able to recognize three five million mile J.B. Hunt drivers. This is not just an incredible achievement for our drivers, but for the transportation industry as a whole!

Three J.B. Hunt 5 million mile safe drivers together in a graphic design: Phil, Tony and Chuck.

Become a Million Mile Truck Driver

Are you ready to start your journey to celebrating a million mile milestone with us? We’re ready to help you find your fit! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to start your journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What truck driver safety incentive programs does J.B. Hunt have?

J.B. Hunt has bonus opportunities for company drivers based on various safe driving records, as well as special bonuses as part of our Million Mile Award!

What is the Million Mile Celebration?

J.B. Hunt hosts an annual celebration at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark. to celebrate company drivers who reach two million or more safe driving miles.

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