J.B. Hunt’s 2022 Million Mile Celebration

More than $900,000 awarded to Million Mile drivers.

Last week, J.B. Hunt celebrated 69 company drivers for our 21st annual Million Mile Award celebration at our corporate headquarters in Lowell, Ark. After two decades, our anticipation and enthusiasm for honoring our Million Mile drivers has only grown. 

Join us as we look back at the company-wide celebration we held to show our truck drivers how much we appreciate them. 

Walk of Fame Tradition 

A cornerstone of each Million Mile event is the Walk of Fame. Employees at our corporate campus come together to line our hallways and stairwells, equipped with pom-poms, noisemakers and signs, to cheer on our drivers as they walk the halls. 

This is the event we look forward to most each year, where we are able to celebrate our drivers as the superstars they truly are. 

For Andre, two-million-mile safe driver, the Million Mile event reminded him of Mr. Hunt’s presence within the company. 

“This is awesome,” he said. “This reminds me of J.B. Hunt when I first started, and I mean the man himself.” 

Million Mile safe driver and family smile and celebrate during their Walk of Fame.

Million Mile Driver Awards 

Every year, we invite our company drivers who have reached two million or more safe miles to our headquarters to receive special awards and recognition for their staggering achievements. 

We celebrated our Million Mile honorees with a three-day event that included a welcome dinner with live music, dancing and family events, as well as the anticipated awards luncheon where we present each of our Million Mile drivers with custom awards to show appreciation for their astounding careers and commitment to safe driving.

In total, we awarded more than $900,000 in Million Mile Bonuses for our company drivers who hit a Million Mile milestone over the last year. Our drivers are our family, and we strive to show them how much they mean in every way we can. 

As our company-wide celebration came to a close, J.B. Hunt’s president and CEO, John Roberts, thanked our drivers for their amazing achievements. 

“I promise you this, we will never forget where we came from. The drivers of this company are who we are,” he said.  “On behalf of the entire non-driving workforce here at J.B. Hunt, including our executive management team and board of directors, we say ‘thank you’ for a job well done.”

Join our family and celebrate your next Million Mile moment with us! Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form to start your journey today. 


  1. The walk of fame was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Please thank everyone involved. Everyone had a great time. Now, that’s the way to show your support for your Million Miles Drivers!!

  2. It was a great event. My wife and I both thank you for the excellent time and excellent treatment everyone we met made us feel like Royalty.

  3. My family and I (missing my daughter Victoria, college final exams)felt like rockstars.My first time to corp in 30+ yrs here.Being able meet the VP’s,share some of my thoughts with them meant alot.All topped off by meeting Mrs Hunt,and hear her talking about Mr Hunt and their story. Amazing!!!!
    No words can really describe those 2 days. Smiles and laughter said it all..
    Experience team, “YOU ROCKED IT”
    From the bottom of my heart,thank you all involved.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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