J.B. Hunt’s 401(k) Plan with Company-Match

Driver Ray Shares His Thoughts on Company Benefits

Intermodal driver Ray gives high fives as he walk the Million Mile Walk of Fame.

“J.B. Hunt has kept Mr. Hunt’s promise to take care of their drivers.”

These words come from intermodal driver Ray as he exceeds 30 years of driving with J.B. Hunt. Among his career accomplishments, he has reached 2 million safe driving miles. His advice to drivers aiming for their million-mile mark? “The key to my safety is patience. Don’t fight the clock. Do it right the first time. Be courteous.”

Does J.B. Hunt Have A 401(k) Program?

Going beyond that advice and his remarkable million-mile achievement, Ray encourages drivers to get involved in J.B. Hunt’s 401(k) plan.

“Get in early, invest as much as you can afford and forget about it,” Ray advised. “Slow and steady, brings home the bacon. If you’re looking to have something to fall back on when you retire, this is the way to go.”

Ray’s contributions to his 401(k) have allowed him luxuries like buying and paying off two cars and provided him the comfort of knowing he is safe from a financial emergency.

Among the many perks of saving for his future, Ray says the greatest thing about investing in his 401(k) is the stability it ensures during his retirement.

“If I hadn’t started investing when I did, I don’t know when I’d be able to retire. Think about what I would have if I hadn’t invested? I would have nothing,” Ray explained. “Keep focused. Focus on your future.”

Does J.B. Hunt Offer A 401(k) Match?

J.B. Hunt offers a $0.50 match for every dollar you contribute on both Pre-Tax and Roth contributions, up to a maximum of three percent of your pay. If you contribute six percent of your annual salary to the J.B. Hunt 401(k) Plan, you are eligible for the maximum company match. Match eligibility begins after one year of employment.

J.B. Hunt strives to carry on Mr. Hunt’s promise by offering an extensive list of employee benefits. For more information, visit our drivers page.

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